Monday, April 30, 2012

Hobson's Choice is RELEAESED!!!!

Release Party at "The Drunk Tank"

Some times, we here at Kinagree Smith Head Quarters AMAZE ourselves. First on our list of amazing feats is our unfathomable humility. While being the vanguard of all musical evolution, we still remember we put our pants on like everybody else. By levitating in the air and using the force to slide the pants up our legs simultaneously.

But Perhaps I digress.

Last Sunday, we pulled off quite a feat. We not only released “Hobson's Choice” but we pulled off two very different release events in the span of four hours. The first event was in Second Life at our “In world” base of operations, “The Drunk Tank”. This marks the fist release party not sponsored by a major venue in Second Life. The Second event, held a scant hour after the first event finished was a live video show on “Stage it”.

At The Drunk Tank

In retrospect, we probably could have picked a better date to hold this event. Little did we know the BIG RELAY FOR LIFE charity was this weekend, and we learned that curing cancer take president over attending a release party. But 20 some odd people could compartmentalize their event attendance (I can spend 11 hours supporting a cure for cancer and one hour listening to Jack Kinagree).

We sold a few copies, gave a few away to contest winners and as far as I can tell everybody had a good time.

I must confess it was not my best performance, but I was distracted by the amount of work we had to do between the events to get the “Stage It” show up on time.

The “Stage” it Show

Our participation at “Stage It” is still in the experimental stage. Wow... I used the word stage twice in one sentence. Alert the grammar Nazis. Oddly, we had a star packed studio audience in the basement to watch the show LIVE. Lexie Smith, while not performing, did lend her Support, and the King of all Media (in German Town PA) Ed Feldman (yes, one of the furniture guys) came over and brought singing phenom Arlyn Wolters (The Dukes of Destiny) with him.

Hilarity ensued....

The online part of the audience consisted of Uber Fan Vecnia, and past “Stage it” show participant Noma Falta.

Yes, two people showed up. But still I'm marking this as a win, because two people is a lot more then no people at all.

As for my performance, I think it was amazing, but I'm notoriously bias.

After the show, Arlyn, Lexie and I jammed a bit. Man... wish we got that on camera. It was great.

Then we hung out for a while talking about life. Yes, this is what happens when you get 5 “Supa Stars” together at Kenn Kweder's House.

Of course after the fellowship, Ed and Arlyn went to dinner, and Lexie and I went back to the task of being.... Kinagree Smith.

We ended the Night with a two hour set at “Wild Girls”, and then sat back and glowed in the post show “warm fuzzies”.

While some might see this as “No big deal”, everything is a big deal to me. We made a record, released that recording, played live music and, at the end of the day, earned our crust of bread. Trying new things is always risky, but you learn new ways of getting things done and that is a worthwhile endeavor.

Now we press on to the next project. “Ashes and Dreams”... long talked about may soon be finished. Soon, like maybe before next year soon.

But as always, keep expecting great things.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunday April 29th The Big “Hobson's Choice” release party event schedule

I've probably not talked about my upcoming release much,but it's coming so get ready.

Jack Kinagree: Hobson's Choice

The First Jack Kinagree solo release. This collection of MP3s feature live performances of some of my best songs, recorded in an audiophile studio.

Bottom line, amazing performances with breath taking fidelity.

The Events.

3 PM EDT (12 noon SLT)

The Hobson's Choice release party.

This party will be held at the prestigious “Drunk Tank”, and will feature a live performance of the songs on the collection. You will be able to purchase the collection in world at the release party.

This show will also be streamed live on the Kinagree Smith's web site, so participation is not limited to Second Life residents.

Hobson's Choice will also be available for purchase from the web site, moments after the show ends.


The “Stage It” Live video “Hobson's Choice” release party.

We tried a “Stage It” show when Noma was visiting and thought it might be fun to have another release event with..... LIVE VIDEO.

These shows seem to be a lot of fun, and it's not like watching a show on TV, you can send chat messages to us during the show so things are a bit more interactive.

As with most fun,zany,wacky internet events there are a few things you need to be aware of.

To participate in a “Stage It” event, you need to be registered. This is pretty standard for web portals. However you will need to buy some “Stage It Notes” and buy a Ticket with those “Stage It Notes”.

The tickets are 2$, and I think that is 20 “Stage It Notes”.

Yes I'm aware there are some hoops to jump through, but I promise when you attend the show, it will be worth the hoop jumping.

I should also mention there are a limited number of tickets available. So I recommend you get your ticket... and “Stage It Notes” early.

Here is a thought (I have them sometimes). Each “Stage It” ticket covers one computer connection. But this does not limit the number of people enjoying the show in front of the computer. So why not invite some friends over to enjoy the show.

Come party with Jack and Ira, and the more, the merrier.

Useful Links

Kinagree Smith “Live on the web” Link (Listen in on the “Drunk Tank” show)

The “Stag It” show direct Link

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Opps... the future and past are having issues

About the new web site, it seems not to work at all on older versions of web browsers.

It is possible (er... probable) I might be able to fix this, but if you could update your browser you could enjoy the new site today and not have to rest your hopes on my alleged coding skills.

Things work properly on Google Chrome, Firefox 11, and Internet Explorer 9.

I'm still waiting on Smart Phone compatibility.

The Updated Kinagree Smith Dot Com, now 70% more Swanky!!!!

The General interest story

We've got a brand new web page. I point this out simply because I'm sure a lot of people would not notice. But it's More-Less where it needs to be and just enough to be “Wicked Kwel ™ ” .

The Nerd/Geek part of the story

You may think this was a, “I had nothing better to do” project. But that was not the case. There was a major gaff in the design of the old Kinagree Smith page. It was accidentally very dated technology.

This caused major problem.

Back in the day when Dinosaurs ruled the earth, and made web sties on Geo Cities with Frame sets, I learned the dark art of laying out websites in “Tables” and then embraced what I was told would be the future of web design, “Flash”

Springing forward in the history, we find both the Dinosaurs and Steve Jobs dead, and I can't recall the last time I saw a frame set. However, Tables are also rendered to be the HTML version of the Dodo, and Flash... the once and future king of web spiffyness is now.... not supported by I-phone.

While this might seem like “Not and Issue” I assure you it is. When people went to the site with an I-Phone, they saw a collection of gray boxes and could not make heads nor tails of whatever content might be there.

Some Android phones can see the Flash elements but some can not. I'm pretty sure computer users could see the site. But an awful lot of people surf on their phones.

This is a problem.

On a side note, did you ever notice your living in the future? We not only have computers, we have Lap top computers, Tables and Smart phones. Google is working on Wi-fi glasses that will take us all one more step closer to singularity.

Living the the future means, as a content publisher, adapt or... be a bunch of Gray boxes.

The new site is not just “HTML” but the new and Uber Swanky “HTML 5”. The Styles are not just “CSS” but the bleeding edge of technology, “CSS3” (Check out that radius-ed corners. If your browser supports CSS3. Gwad knows your Phone does). And the animated/interactive elements are Java, or more to the point Jquery.

I must mention, while I've done all I can do to make the page work on smart phones. There will be a few gray boxes. Some of the third party plug-ins are still Flash. But when they update, I will as well.

Mind you the full page still works on your computer, so if you get some gray boxes you can log on via your trusty computer and uncover the mysteries of it all.

Welcome to the future dear friend. Enjoy the new site. I'm going have my jive talking robot butler bring me my rocket pack and go for a fly around Port Richmond. Until next time.

Expect great things.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five Crazy days with Kinagree Smith and Noma Falta

On April 14th of 2012, Noma Falta (Some call her Valerie Barbin) came to the Kingdom of Kweder, or as some call it Philadelphia. Lexie and I just happened to be driving by the airport when Noma came walking out. We says “Hey Noma”, and she said “Hey Lexie and Sidecar Zorch. I've just flown to Philadelphia on a whim and was wondering if you I could hang out with with some Rock Stars”. Lexie looked at me smiling and then answered Noma, “All the Rock Stars are out of town this week, but you can hang with us if you want”. Noma though about it, shook her head and got into the car.

This was the start of five crazy days.

That story is not entirely true, but we like it so it's the official LEDGEND now.

Music Music and Pizza!!!

Noma really didn't let the dust settle when we got to the Epicenter of the Philadelphia music scene, the Kweder House, before instruments were yanked out of their cases and live music filled the air.

After a couple of hours of “Kicking it around”, Noma thought for a moment and said, “Hey, this is pretty tasty, why don't we share it with the kids on the grid”? Lexie and I smiled and nodded, we were thinking the same thing, and we did have a show booked at Bahama's Swingers Club.

Oh boy.... Let's go swinging!!!

The very first “Rock Summit” show was performed at Bahama's Swingers Club. While a bit off the “Music Community Radar”, this is one of our most supportive venues. In other words... we love these guys and were so very pleased to perform such and EPIC and History making show for them.

The normal attendance for a Saturday Night show at this venue is about 40 people, but at this show, the map says there were 77 people there, having their eardrums anointed by some of the best live music on the Internet.

Hey Noma is a Rock star.

This show also featured a song that we made up on the spot, called “Crashing on Linden's Floor”. It was wicked cool, but we promised NEVER TO PLAY IT AGAIN !!!

But it was cool.

Live on the Radio with Ed Feldman !!!

How could we have Noma over and NOT do a segment on G-town Radio's “Morning Feed” with Germantown's own King of Media, Ed Feldman?

Ed is a full blown HOOT to hang with, and to me... and it seems Noma, he's still a TV star.

Hopefully we'll get a copy of the show to post for you.

Something different really odd happened during the show. We got a phone call that wasn't from Ed's Ex-current (never sure about the status) girlfriend Arlyn. It was from our very best Second Life Fan/Stalker, Vecnia. Yay for Fan's that listen in. We are both very flattered and a little concerned.

The reason we were doing the show on Monday was to promote Noma's live performance at Kenn Kweder's Nuclear Hootenanny where she would be the “Featured Guest”. Woot.

Ed said he would be there and bring the full staff of G-town radio, and they would all ride in on the custom Airbrushed G-town Radio Van.

Lexie didn't get the joke and was a little disappointed when there was no custom Airbrushed Van. But Ed did come to the show.

Thanks for the REAL support Ed.

The world renown, famed in story and song, Nuclear Hootenanny !!!

One of the touchstone events that had to happen was for the Kinagree Smith/ Noma Falta show to play Kenn Kweder's Uber Open Mic, The Nuclear Hootenanny. When we told Kenn that Noma was coming he said, “Great I'll make her the featured guest”.

We got to the event and something was missing? Ummmm.... oh yeah, where is Kenn?

As is the case with many events during this show, history was made again. The normally prompt Kenn Kweder was late for the fourth time in his 30 year musical career. While there was a 7:30 start time, we didn't get rolling until about 9 PM.

Because of the late start, we played as a full band second. It was as amazing as you might imagine. A little later, Noma Played solo, but only did one song. We got up early to do Ed's show, so Noma was beat down to her socks. But it was a fun show for sure. And I can mention playing with Noma live on my ever expanding resume.

The show is over, let's PARTY LIKE ROCK STARS !!!!

After the Hootenanny, we had an obligation to party like Rock Stars so we headed to south Philly with Germantown's king of all Media, Ed Feldman in the back seat. Time to head out to Pat's (this king of steaks) to get Noma a Cheesesteak samitch.

Having Ed in the backseat made for an interesting ride. Talk about a guided tour of Philly in the middle of the night. Ed knowledge of the lore of encyclopedic, so even while partying like rock stars we were being educated.

It's good to be us.

After visiting Pat's we went to “Center City Pretzels” , a place Kenn told us about just before we left the Hootenanny. Man... that place is amazing. The Pretzels come right out of the oven and you get 5 huge soft pretzels for a dollar. We got six dollars worth and it was like eating eating pretzel cake.


A bold experiment... it's effin science !!!!!

For the longest time, I've had an account at “Stage it”, a web site that provides musicians a portal to provide video shows live for their fans. I've thought about doing one, Lexie and Noma had thought about doing one, so what the heck. We figured with this line up, it would be a great time to give it a try. We scheduled a show, and put tickets up for sale.

We were looking at this purely as an experiment. Just getting everything to work seemed like a big enough hurdle to deal with. As for selling tickets, we didn't have much in the way of expectations. While very affordable, every time you deal with a web site they make you register, and put money into the system and we figured most would choose not to bother.

We were wrong about that.

We posted notices and invited people to join us in our experiment. We asked them to do it in the name of Science. And 8 people pulled on the lab coats and made history with us.

Wait... is it science or history?

Both I think, with a side order of Art.

It was a great show and much thanks to those that logged on. It was fun and it would not have been so much fun playing to the virtual chairs.

One last show together

After the video show, we posted a spontaneous show at our venue, “The Drunk Tank”. We got to tag up one last time with all our online supporters, and at the end of the show, we were tired and a bit sad. It was an amazing time, and we made some wicked cool music.

Noma transfigured from a cartoon to a real person to us, and a real friend. Much Love Noma. Thank you for jamming with us.

In summation....

What a crazy five days. We did record a few shows, so who knows they may be available sometime soon for those that missed out.

As always. Expect Great Things.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Super Mega History Making Event... All In The Name of Science !!!

Tonight (unless you are reading this on a date other then April 17th 2012), we'll be undertaking a bold experiment in the name of both Science and Art.

Here is the deal.

At 6 PM SLT (9 PM EDT) The Band “Kinagree Smith”, with featured guest bassist/vocalist Noma Falta, will be doing a Live video show on the web site “Stage It”.

You might have heard us making amazing music and having the time of our lives in Second Life, but now you can get a real life glimpse into the reality of us making amazing music and having the time of our lives.

The entertainment value of this is incalculable (wow, that is a big word meaning “The math would be very hard”). But we aren't just doing this for the well documented “Jolly Factor”, we are undertaking this in the name of Science.

In other words, we've never done it before. Others have, but they were not Kinagree Smith with featured guest Noma Falta. So anything can happen.

To participate, you need to head over to “Stage it” and do all the register-y crap that just about ever other web portal requires and get some “Stage it” Money.

Don't panic.

We know the economy sucks and we keeping this “Super Mega History Making Event... All In The Name of Science” affordable. For the paltry sum of two dollars American, you can pull on your lab coat and RAWK out with us.

Our researchers assure us there is nothing good on TV tonight. So come on out and find out just how much fun you can have with an Internet connection.

Expect great things.

Here is the link to “Stage It”.

Here is the link to the show.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tales from the Nuclear Hootenanny

Well on Monday the 9th, the day after “Zombie Jesus Day”, the Nuclear Hootenanny also rose from the grave. How that for an overly colorful opening statement?

As I was being driven over by my personal driver Lynn, I found myself myself wondering, “Will this really be a Nuclear Hootenanny? Can Kenn Kweder revive the magic that was so much the touchstone of the creative Philadelphia music scene”?

Then I stopped wondering when I remembered, Kenn Kweder can to anything.

It's back....

It's a stone cold happening...

And the Legend lives on.

EVERYBODY who was a mover and shaker in the Philly songwriting community seemed to be there. You may not know these names, but you should. Kenn Kweder (of course), Larry Saklad, Adam Gregory, Chris Degangi, and by the end of the night, even David Rowen found his way to the Hollywood Tavern.

Not only were the musicians there, the local music supporters were out in force as well. It was a lot like a family reunion without that In-law you like to avoid showing up.

Of course the high point of the night, in my estimation, was the blistering hot set provided by Kinagree Smith. We tore it up... but then... that is how we roll.

To say the show was an Epic musical event would be remarkably accurate. Everybody was amazing and the place was packed out.

I can't wait until next week when Valery Barbin (Noma Falta) comes to play. After the show on the 16th, the Nuclear Hootenanny will go back into hibernation. For how long? Only Kenn Kweder really knows. But when ever it happens again, I'm sure it will be incredible.

You might think I'm being overly optimistic, but remember, Kenn Kweder can to anything.

Keep expecting great things

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Return of Kinagree Smith

Hey, it's not like we went anywhere. But things have been quiet on the blog and that can make things seem quiet all over the world as far as Kinagree Smith is concerned. But fear not, our musical fields have no gone fallow. Here is some news you can use.

The return of the Nuclear Hootenanny

On Monday the 9th of April, Kenn Kweder's Nuclear Hootenanny returns. While no longer held at the Legendary “Green Rock Tavern” the “New and Improved” Hootenanny should provide the city of brotherly love a much needed shot in the head.... er, arm. We've got a prime slot reserved already and will be playing some tunes. If you are in the area, head on over to The Hollywood Tavern at 700 Huntingdon Pike and get ready to RWAK!!! Show starts at 7:30 PM. Get there early and catch the Kweder.

Rock star visitor coming to Hang with Kinagree Smith

If you've been to any of our Second Life shows, you may have heard us greet Noma Falta our Rock Star friend. Well her “Real Life Alt”, Valerie Barbin is coming to Philly to hang the in effervescent glow of the Kinagree Smithness. There will be much music making and God only knows, we might put some of it up on the web. But the one actual item on the agenda is for Valerie to play at the Nuclear Hootenanny. I talk to Kenn about it, and he said he would make her to featured artist of the evening.

So mark it down on your “Hello Kitty” Calendar. April 16th, Valerie Barbin AKA Noma Falta at the Nuclear Hootenanny with Kinagree Smith.

New Solo release from Jack Kinagree

No, the band is not breaking up. But we do allow a good deal of artistic latitude and there can never be too many recordings of me, so get ready dear friend. “Hobson's Choice” is coming.

If you are a Zorch fan, you will have heard these songs before, nothing new in the material, but the recording is so revolutionary that I can safely say it's either brilliant or stupid, I'm not sure which.

What we did was throw up some very expensive mics, hooked it up to audiophile recording equipment and captured a performance in amazing detail.

Each performance is one take, no overdubs, time stretching or pitch correction. Every nuance is captured in some very emotional performances. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to sit in front of me as I play to hear how the music really sounds, here is your chance.

The initial release will be of the MP3 version, but shortly after that, there will be High Definition versions available from Unipheye Music in a variety of formats. So if you happen to have a 100,000 $ stereo system... we can hook you up with some cool tunes.

While labeled as a Jack Kinagree solo recording, Ira Norman Segall does play on most of the cuts. So if you are a fan of the “Bring a helmet” shows. You have a recording you will LOVE.

The release of “Hobson's Choice” should be shortly after Valerie's visit. Expect it by the end of the month or early May.

Yes, we've had a slow winter. There were circumstances that really brought us to a crawl. But we are back. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. Once again, you can Expect Great Things.