Monday, January 9, 2012

WIN !!!!

Okay, this can't be considered a “Review” because as a member of the band, I have a bias. But as followers of the band know, we just played our first headlining show and this is an event much like a debutant ball, and we came out in grand fashion.

The thing I remember most was at the end of the night being in a daze and going “Wow”. Things seemed to go as well as they possibly could. So much so, if not for the actual review of the show in “Liberated Dissonance”, you could have possibly convinced me it was all a dream.

Speaking of press, the band got a write up in Montgomery County news, and the show was featured in the Philadelphia Daily New as one of the weekend's “Best bets”.

Ticket sale were pretty good pre-show sales and were more then enough to cover the venues minimum draw (20 seats had to be filled by show time). However, because there was no difference in price between Pre-show and at the door prices, we quite a few people just show up and by tickets at the door last minute.

Speaking of the Door, much thanks to my other brother from another mother, Bill Carr, whom did Ticket Check in, door sales, CD sales and of course, provided us with sharpies so we could autograph programs.

On a footnote we did offer to pay Bill for his labors that night but he said he would not have that. Bill has been watching our back at just about ever show we've played, and the fact he declined our offer to pay him really touched me. Nice to see someone supporting you out of respect and... dare I say love? When it seems people that don't do 1/16th of the work Bill does seem to have their hands out demanding to be paid.

Bill, you officially RAWK.

Okay, let's talk about the show.

This was our first chance to show people what a full Kinagree Smith show was like. We were stoked and the audience was made up primarily of strangers, at least to me. I had really thought a few people that had seen us play the open mic would pop in to get the full Kinagree Smith experience, but only Matt and his lovely wife came to the show.

However Ira, our percussionist has been playing music in Philadelphia for decades and his reputation is rather impressive. Most in attendance came to see just what he was up to.

They were not disappointed.

We played an amazing set, and people were listening intently. It was the kind of show that is somebody stirred their coffee you heard that. This was also the first show in which we played “Lament of ashes” that people didn't burst in to applause during the four beat break. There were paying attention and could tell we weren't done yet. When we did finish a song or a suite of songs the applause was intoxicating.

We played well, the audience “Got it”, we got good press coming in and going out. We even managed to make a few dollars, so you are probably saying to yourself, “Yeah, that is a win alright”. But in the words of info-mercial , “Wait there is more”.

The first day we posted Tickets for sale, Bob Cole of “Worldwide stereo” bought five tickets. About a week later, the show was postponed until the 7th of January (The original date was 4th of December). Bob told us he could not attend the show on the 7th because he had a business obligation to fulfill. We thought we would have to refund his money, but he said don't sweat it because some of his family would attend.

After the first set, guess who comes walking in the door? Bob Cole of “Worldwide Stereo”. Bob was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics show, hopped on a plane, flew in to Philly, Got to our show. Enjoyed our second set, Then hopped on a plane back to Las Vegas.

Wow, thanks for the support Bob.

Hey, here is a link to world wide stereo.

Can you see why this might seem a bit dream like?

But wait there is in fact more.

Seems the Blog I mentioned at the outset of this entry has had record setting traffic due to the review of the Kinagree Smith show at Rollers @ Flying fish.

Now people are asking, “When is the next show”. Well, when I know I'll share that information with you gladly. But for now, as always...... Expect Great Things.