Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 7th annual PFFFF, and OMG it's Ed Feldman!!!

No... it's not how you type the sound of a raspberry. Well maybe it is, but that is NOT what I'm talking about.

This Saturday, Kinagree Smith played the legendary “Post folk fest festers fest”. Seems Chris Degangie has been hosting this shindig for the last eight years and in my humble (snicker) opinion it's gotta be one of the coolest events in all of live music.

Frankly I've never seen any one person do so much to make a musical event based soley on... well music. While there was massive talent on the bill, it was not a “Book a bunch of big names and make some money” sort of affair. The inclusion of “Kinagree Smith” would support that fact. As a matter of fact there were no tickets for sale at all. The event run on a suggested donation of 20$ and to deposit that money you walked up on the balcony and dropped it in a toilet. How funky is that?

While the vibe was quite funky, the production values were top notch. Chris built a HUGE stage and hired an amazing sound system. This was the kind of event musicians love to play. There was food and drink for all, and when I say drink... I mean the “Good stuff”. A coffin sized cooler full of Guinness made this an event I would LOVE to play again.

Okay I'm about to be very self indulgent for a moment so bear with me. I'm standing there minding my own business, and this guy walks up to me and asks “Pardon me, where are the drinks” and I pointed him in the right direction. And then I say to myself, “Self... that guy looks familiar”. He kind of looks like Ed Feldman from the vintage PBS/TLC show “Furniture on the mend/ Furniture to go” fame”. Now I feel I should point out, there aren't many “FAMOUS” people I would recognize, But 20 some odd years ago, I use to watch Ed and his partner Joe an hour a day five days a week. I don't really care about furniture at all, But Ed and Joe were hysterically funny.

So rather then wonder if this was in fact Ed Feldman I walked up and introduced myself. It was indeed Ed and I went to starstruck mode. Told him how I use to watch his show everyday, and he was very nice indeed. After a few moments of blathering, he asked me if I was playing and if I had a CD. Well I do have a CD and it seems Ed has a web based radio show, so I gave him a copy of “Wartzinall”, and out contact card and perhaps he'll play it on his show, “The Morning feed” on gtown.com.

Ed stuck around for our set, and stood up on one of the balconies so I could see him. After the set he said, “You guys were great” and I said “Thanks for saying that because if you told me we sucked I would have been crushed”. Hey a lot of people told us we did great... but it Ed Feldman for pity sake.

Wow... I came to Philadelphia and dreams really do come true.

Now I know my readers are a cynical bunch, and it's very possible they are saying, “Hey Jack, of course Ed “SAID” he liked your little band. He's a famous guy (at least to you) and famous people learn very quickly it cost nothing to be kind and reaps them great benefits”.

Well maybe you didn't say that, but I must confess the thought did cross my mind. But come Monday night all doubts were laid to rest. Lexie had made a point to contact Ed via facebook ( I would have never been so bold, of course I don't think Ed is quite as famous to Lexie). She mentioned we tend to wonder out to the “Nuclear Hootenanny” on Monday nights and perhaps Ed would like to Join us.

Well come Monday night we are indeed at the Hootenanny, and we just happen to be outside talking, and the topic of Lexie inviting Ed to come out to the show comes up. I suggested Ed would be too busy doing TV star things, and almost as on cue, Lexie looks up and says, “Hey Ed we were just talking about you”. I really thought for a moment she was just messing with me. I hated the fact that I turned around to look because that would be a “Ahhhhh I can't believe you fell for that” moment. But Low and behold... Ed Feldman was in fact coming to see us at the Nuclear Hootenanny.

I did make sure that Ira got a picture of Ed and I on his wonder phone and I'm sure I posted it with this entry. If only mom could see me now. In the big city rubbing elbows with TV stars.

We got to talk with Ed for quite a while, and he did invite us to come play Live on his radio show. As a matter of fact, he suggested doing a full week with him (I don't think Lexie would want to do that, but I sure would), suffice it to say tentative plans to play next week are in the works.

Ed's music director Jim (who might be more actually famous then Ed, I'm not sure) also mentioned a Wednesday night Live show he runs in Germantown and asked us if we could play that as well. Once again I find myself wondering if this is all a dream.

Things seem to be moving forward again. We've made some very good new friends, seem to be getting our music out there and life is good. Of course, I'm one step away from starving or Living on the street, but you have to risk a bit of security to chase your dreams.

Things seem to be looking up, and after a long period of situational distractions we seem to be progressing again.

Sorry that it's been so long since my last update, but things have been complicated. We are back on track, our oars are in the water and we move towards our destiny. Once again I encourage you to expect great things.