Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2013 was a great year for recorded music, but we didn't record any and now it's 2014

Wow it's been quite on the blog for well over a year. Tap,Tap,Tap..... is this thing on?

You may wonder why I stopped writing the blog? Simple, the band wasn't doing anything, so the blog didn't do anything.

The band's problem was band members being sidelined by health issues.While we have been playing shows in Second Life, that is all we could muster and even that was hit &miss. We were by all accounts AMAZING, but I feel deep down inside we could... and have done better.

I'm not writing at this time to make some grand announcement,  Nothing is going on. We are living our lives playing some shows online and snatching a few moments of contentment from the jar.


Kinagree Smith isn't a BAND so much as a family, and the family doesn't stop with the band members. During the rough times there has be much needed support and frankly I have the desire to be very open and honest with you.

Not that I've been overtly deceptive, it's just that there are rules to writing a BAND blog. EVERYTHING MUST BE POSITIVE! Every thing is New, Improved,  Big, AMAZING Coming soon, Blah, blah, Yeah yeah yeah. The articles are full of useful information but FLUFFED up with happy words.

I don't feel good about fluffing stuff up and I think I'm going to try a different more lyrical approach to writing the blog. Not grim or gritty (gritty is the anti-Fluffy),but...more personal.

In my mind, this is the most logical extension of the  Band/family that is Kinagree Smith.

Okay, let us see if I do anything tomorrow.