Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Such a Tease

Okay, I've gotta tell you up front I don't want to be tight lipped today, but sometimes you just have to exercise a bit of discretion.

Being discreet sucks ass.
Have you ever had a brilliant fooki
ng idea and not been allowed to talk about it? Hey I like being the demonstratively smartest kid in the class. Hell... this idea is so good, it may force the noble prize people to establish a new category. The Noble Prize for Thinking outside the box... and I would be the very first winner in this category. How far out of the box is it? Well it's soooo far out of the box, you'll be saying, “Box? I don't see a box. Was there ever a box? I don't have even a dim memory of the box”.

What can I say about this amazing idea that won't give it all away?


The Tour is both bigger and smaller at the same time.

The odds of people attending are vastly improved.

And, it's even possible that everybody working on this project will make a little money.

While I've already said too much... as is often the case, I'll say a bit more. Lexie wants me to keep the details on the down-low because she feels everybody is still in holiday mode, and we need to do a bit of research into this because as far as I know, it's never been done.

Stand by for great things in the upcoming year 2011.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Band Camp Sessions Collection... in the works

I've mentioned it before, but it bears mentioning again. Show played during my visit to Philadelphia have been recorded off the stream and we are currently pouring over the archived audio in order to compile an musical scrap book of the shows Lexie and I have played together during our Band Camp experience.

The collection will feature both musical tracks and something we are calling “Funny stuff”. Part of the Band Camp scene was the oblique dialog, and wacky stories between the songs and sometimes in the middle of them.
We were planning to include a video in the collection, but we seem to be having trouble getting our hands of the raw footage the videographer shot during our Orin Ben Charity show in Philadelphia.

The bootleg footage up on You Tube is pretty sub standard, so that will not be included. If we can get the footage expect a video treat. We have the tools to make an interesting video, but not the footage. Stand by for more info on that.

Lexie and I have talked about including some of the audio from the “Zorch Boomhauer: Covered event” in the collection. But I'm going to have to ask the permission from those performing before I can say any more on that.

Some of you might be wondering who's going to get paid what from the proceeds from the sales of this collection. Well... this is as good a time as any to explain the method behind our madness.

All proceeds from sales of “2 Big 4 The Internet: The Band Camp Sessions” will go towards underwriting the upcoming “2 Big 4 The Internet tour”. It's sort of like when you mak
e a 50$ donation to PBS and they send you a 4 $ tote bag with their logo on it. Of course we are NOT asking for a 50$ donation, but you can expect the price of the 2 Big 4 The Internet: The Band Camp Sessions collection to be a little higher then normal. The reason being three fold.

Reason one, most the time we sell things for far less then what they are worth in order to make sure people can afford it. They are always priced way under the current market value. In this case we need to up the profit margin because we are not just earning our humble crust of bread, we are underwriting a revolution. A musical revolution.

Reason two. I've mentioned PBS before, and you may not know it, but PBS is NOT a charity. It is non-profit, but it's not doing anything more then providing alternative programing from commercial Television and Radio.

The 2 Big 4 the Internet tour is a lot like that in we are not part of the commercial music industry infrastructure. We aren't the next Flavor of the week, or the guy that fits the Johnny Bravo suit. We do need your support in any way possible. Sign our guest book, follow our blog, attend our shows when you are able and if you can... help us cover our cost to mount this adventure.

Reason three. The material is just too good to linger on our hard-drives. If you are a fan of what has been going on at band camp, you are going to love this collection and in the end, we are motivated by what pleases the people that love and support our music.

In other news. The other night we got a wicked cool graphic of Lexie and Zorch, performing on top of the pink tour bus. It was created by Bobbi Laval and she has a very distinctive style. We asked her if we could use it for the Cover art for the up coming collection and she agreed. Thanks Bobbi. We are also making available a t-shirt with this swanky graphic on the Jack Kinagree Reverb Nation Store (there is a widget for the store on the sidebar of this blog). The profit margin on t-shirts is pretty small, but if you choose to buy one... they look wicked cool. The money provided will come in handy, but just wearing the shirt is also a way to support the cause.

How is the tour coming?

Well with out giving away too many secrets, everyday we deal with breakthroughs and setbacks. This is a new idea and we are coming from a space significantly outside the box. Sometimes outside the box draws people in and sometimes it set them running away. But this is going to happen. If it were easy I'm sure somebody would have done it by now. We are generating interest and some of it far outside the boarders of Second Life. This is a story to be told, an adventure to live, and history to be written.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not just ACTION.... Inter-ACTION

This blog is a little different then normal. I want to speak for a moment on, ask not what “2 big 4 the Internet” can do for me. Ask instead, what can I do for “2 big 4 the Internet”.

That humming sound you hear is John Kennedy spinning in his grave.

Last Sunday, we had the Zorch Boomhauer Covered event. We always have a fellow that records the events for us off the stream, but at this event that person lost the stream and we have gaps in the program.

Now I'm guessing there is at least one person out there that records concerts. Maybe more then one. If you are one of those people we need your help. We need to find someone that has Noma's songs recorded , and if anybody has Moondoggirl's performance of “The conversation wasn't over”, please contact me via email at

But there are still MORE ways to.... INTERACT !!!!

We have a swanky, hi-tech web site for “2 big 4 the Internet”, and at that web site, there is a guest book featured prominently at the bottom of the page. If you leave a message on that guest book are are participating in the wonderful world of ...INTERACTION!!!

Now somebody asked, if they signed the guest book, if that got them on the “Orgy friend list”? Well... I'm not saying their will be a tour sanctioned orgy, but if there were such an event, if you were not on the list, you would probably be excluded. Why take the risk? Sign the guest book and know whatever goes on... you'll be on the list.

INTERACTION... it's not just as flashy word in all capital letters. It's a way of life.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My best day in Second Life... again

It would be easy to describe this day with one word. That word being “wow”. But people are interested in details and I don't know how accurate my reportage can be on this event. First off, it featured some of my most profound and personal songs, so I could be a trifle bias, and besides that, my head is now a gourd full of mush. My mind was blown with about every performance.

On top of having sludge brain, I was also bombarded by insights that left me a bit overwhelmed. I will solider on as best I can, but I can't make any promises about an accurate accounting.

I was frankly a bit nervous about the event from the beginning. I'm aware my songs are quite good, but I'm also aware I'm not the most popular performer on Second Life. I have a very hard core following, but as is the case with just about anything hard core... they do not represent the mainstream.

Mainstream is easy to digest and makes a point not to expect much from the listener. Unpleasant topics are ignored, and the more vague the lyrics, the less you have to think about what they mean. In most cases they don't mean anything really. While I have penned a few songs in the pop style, even my most assessable tune has a core meaning, and sometimes that meaning is not entirely up beat.

This places me far outside the mainstream.

Big events thrive on appealing to the broadest spectrum of people possible, and while my music could not attract that audience, the performers involved with the event could.

The reason this event worked was due to simple synergy. Great songs, interpreted by some of the best musicians in Second Life. And I feel I should point out the line up did not consist primarily of musicians from my clique of friends. Yes there were good and dear friends on the line up, but I feel some of the biggest impact of this event were due to the people that didn't have a personal relationship with me, and only participated because they felt the songs were great.

Due to the diversity in the line up, a lot of people attended the show that would not have done so if their personal favorite performer were not playing. This brought my music to new ears, and I'm very appreciative of those involved that took a risk to promote my songs.

Yes I am pleased. But not just because this was “Zorch Day”. This was an event about songs. Good songs that I just happened to write. In the end, it was about the music and I feel that is the most profound in-road we breached.

I feel I should mention, for some reason everybody seemed nervous at the show. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it was due to the respect people had to the songs... and by implication me as a songwriter. I find this even more flattering because as I've stated quite publicly, I'm not the biggest deal on the “Second Life Music Scene ™”.

The show started out with Matthew Boryles Perreault. I'll be honest with you and tell you I didn't know much about Matthew. I've played before him twice at Indie Spectrum radio shows, and I kind of like his stuff. But I honestly didn't know he was aware of anything I did. I was frankly wondering that songs he would choose to cover.

I was quite surprised when he started out with “Different”, which while one of my favorite songs is not one on consider well known. I do play it now and then, but when Matthew fired it up, I was kind of surprised. He did mention from the outset he was going to take liberties with it, and I must tell you his arrangement was very good. I was quite pleased with his adaption and felt things were going well.

Now if you have been to either of the previous Covered events, you probably know there is one or two performances that are solid gold moments. Matthew's second song was one of those moments at this event.

I really doubted that anybody would cover some of the more complex finger picking songs at this show. But Matthew jumped right in the deep end with his very own, fresh original take on “Dance on the Edge of a Sword”. His arrangement took the song out of it's Celtic ornamentation and placed it in a decidedly folk pop framework. It really worked amazingly well, and provided the first golden moment of the show.

Brilliant work Matthew Broyles Perreautl.

Noma Falta was up next. Noma has become a friend of my recently, and I just gotta say it. I don't think she knows how big of a Second Life Rock star she is. The reason I say that, is because if she were aware, why would she be hanging out with me? I like Noma, not because she is a Second Life rock star, but because I know that she is here for the music, and people that love music are people I tend to get along with just fine.

I mentioned golden moments before, and Noma jump right up and slammed one home in a single utterance. She started out “Hell Hounds on my Trail” was a bone chilling wail. I was totally blown away by her sonic declaration . The Blues can be a grim business, and this was down and dirty damnation in all it's grisly detail. While she did seem as nervous as a long tail cat in a rocking chair factory, she still managed to pick out a delicate impression of a soul on the edge.

Noma then followed with a touching cover of one of my favorite songs, “I wasn't missing you at all”. I think she was a bit flustered, but the song was brilliant. She did mention she was a little nervous about playing it in front of me, but she didn't need to be.

Moondoggirl Moomintoog was up next. Once again, I really didn't know her very well going into this event. But she told me right up front she wanted to cover “Running in Circles” because she felt it was a great country song. I really didn't see it as a country song until after she played it. Now it all makes perfect sense to me.

Moondoggirl followed with her very different arrangement of “The Conversation wasn't over”. This was the third golden moment of the show. I have to tell you that song has always been very moving every time I've played it, but it was so odd to hear somebody else play it, and still be moved to tears.

Up next was Deadeye Foggarty. He started out with “The Pipes of Redemption” and I've gotta tell you I was blown away. He arrangement was all his, and while remaining true to the context of the song, infused it with a kind of American vibe, that reminded me of Johnny Cash singing a Tent Reznor song.

He second song was yet another golden moment. He covered “Mo Anam Cara”, and it's only right he should have done so. His Hand-fastening with Enchantress was the inspiration for the song. I had never heard of the phrase before that event, and afterwords I was thinking, “Man that would be a great line for a song”.

Deadeye really breathed life into the lyrics. He really grasped the tender subtext, and the humble emotional resonance of the song.

Lots of people sing, lots of people play instruments, but Deadeye is a rarity on Second life. He's a real musician.

Blind Boy Gumbo was up next, and he brought the RAWK. He always told me he was fond of “You talk a lot of shit for a one eyed fat man”, so when the idea for my covered event came up, I was not surprised to find out that was one of his choices. But he really made it his own. He took my bluesy moan and stripped it down to a hard edged rock song. I was... Afraid, and then I was TERRIFIED!!!

Suffice it to say, it was indeed yet another golden moment. He follow up with “Howard Roark and Me” and just RAWKED the fook out of it.

Next up was Senjata Witt. Now Senjata and I go way back. But we do seem to travel in different circles now. However the love and respect are still very much intact. She mentioned I was the only person on Second Life that could get her out of bed before Noon.

Senjata not only Covered my songs, but Covered my look as well. I was amazed to see tiny Senjata dressed just like a Zorch Mini me.

Senjata would not give a clue about what song she intended to cover, so I was very curious to find out which songs she picked. Some of my songs are more challenging then others, and I frankly expected Senjata would choose one of those songs.

I was right about that. She played an amazing version of “If I could find myself in sleep” and I was just left dumbstruck. I manage to grunt out “wow”, just before she unleashed a broadside of dropped D hammer guitar. “What could this be” I wondered. Then she pulled off one of the most amazing arrangements of “Rubber Sky” I could imagine.

Hell, I could not imagine that, only Senjata could. Yet another golden moment.

With the Daunting task of following that was none other then my partner in “2 big 4 the internet”, Lexie Luan.

While everybody mentioned they were nervous... I mean EVERYBODY. Lexie has the most reasons. She had been playing live with me for the last month, and she felt people were going to expect more from her. She was also a bit nervous because I was sitting right next to her.

She knows me well enough to understand, while I can bite my tongue now and then, I suck at avoiding the disappointed glance. But it seems she had no reason to worry. She did just fine.

She started out with “The Cowgirl song” (her version of my “The Cowboy song”, because... well, she is a girl) and did just fine with it. But then she followed that up with a touching reinterpretation of “the Walls of Love”. Her delicate arrangement and vulnerable delivery made for yet another golden moment.

POL Arida was up next... and he only did one of my songs. I could tell you how he did, but for pity sake, he's POL Arida. Do you even have to ask?

No I'm not Internet Gay for POL Arida. And he did cover “1:16 am”. While the song was just fine, I'll be honest and tell you the golden moment in POLs show was not what he played but what he said. It made me feel.... special.. and not in a short bus kind of way.

Frankly POL is very upfront about sucking at covering other peoples songs. But the fact he went to far from his comfort zone for me means a lot. And just between you and I.... he didn't suck. Everybody made mistakes... but I make them too and I wrote this stuff.

At the end of the show I got to bask, and play a few songs before rushing off to my next show.

With some 50 people in attendance, it was probably the biggest audience I've ever played in front of in Second Life, and I'm not kidding myself, it's probably as good as it will ever get in Second Life. But that is okay.

It was not about me. It was about some good songs I happened to write, and while it might have seemed like “Zorch day”, it was more then that.

It was a music day. It was a musicians day, and it was a listeners day.

On a quick side note. GarGraVar was taking in world photos during the event, and if you don't have him on your FaceBook friends list, you are missing out. He's becoming the visual chronicler of all things scene related. Check out his photos from this event and other events all over Second Life.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zorch Boomhauer is COVERED

Here is the official line up for the show.

December 12, 2010
beginning at 11 am slt
Zorch Boomhauer is COVERED @ Castoria Club

Matthew Broyles *Perreault*
Noma Falta
Moondoggirl Moomintoog
Deadeye Foggarty
Blindboy Gumbo
Senjata Witt
Lexie Luan
POL Arida

and finally, Zorch Boomhauer (Jack Kinagree)

I'm told that the promotional kinks have been worked out and this show will be a new high water mark in “Getting it right”. But regardless of past hiccups, each show was a smashing success because everybody came in the right attitude of mind. This is all about songwriters, doffing their metaphorical hats to one of their peers.

Speaking for myself I'm very touched, and if possible.... humbled by this tribute.

I would like to take a moment and thank everybody involved.

Thank you.

I hope you all can make it out for this shindig, it's going to be full of surprises and this is the last Covered event of the calendar year 2010.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What the Fudge is happening???

Wow three questions marks, that indicates an EPIC scale of confusion. But it's not really confusion rather then frustrations.

Simply stated, things are evolving on an mind bending scale for the “2 Big 4 The Internet tour”. But I can't talk about it just yet. Things are still in “the works” and when things are in the works you can't post them to the blog and be a responsible journalist.

Curse me and my mild mannered responsible nature.

Is this all a big tease? Not really. I just realize if I don't give you accurate information there is no reason for you to bother to read this blog.

However, if I only update once in a blue moon, you'll probably miss the information when it does come out. Now what can I tell you about?

Well on the 12th December starting at 11 am slt, there will be another “Covered” event. This time the guest of honor will be one Zorch Boomhauer. The Artist covering me will be as follows (of course subject to change).

Matthew Broyles *Perreault*
Moondoggirl Moomintoog
Noma Falta
Blindboy Gumbo

I think this is a pretty good line up, but that is mostly because it's one of the rare instances of me having heard of everyone in the lineup. There is one name I would like to see added to the line up, but I'm not going to say whom it is right now. Lets just say he's a friend of BIG JOE.

As for hints of whom is playing what... Goodness I'm such a gossip. Deadeye did ask me for a lyric sheet with chords for “The Pipes of Redemption”, and “Mo Anam Cara”. But I'm not sure what he's going to play,and POL did ask for a similar sheet for “1:16 AM”. There is a rumor going around the Noma has been test driving “I wasn't missing you at all” at some of her live shows. But who can say what will shake out in the end, and that is part of the fun.

Since December is the last month of the year 2010, I'm rather sure this will be the last covered event of this calender year. So summing up, it's been, Lexie Luan, POL Arida, and Zorch Boomhauer. A rather auspicious beginning for the Covered series.

As interesting as all this may be it's nothing compared to the revelations to come. I'm sure you'll read them.... when I can print them, and say, “Those guys are CRAZY” and you would be right. But I've come to the realization that it's the crazy people that get stuff done and change things.

Your probably wondering if this is tease. Well it is, but it's a tease that is going to pay off.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Band Camp over?

Notice the question mark? Last night Lexie and I played our last Band Camp late show, and it was of course EPIC. But it seems it might not be the last Band Camp show.

The place I was going to has vanished, so I have nowhere to go.

Until I do have a place to go, I'm going to be in Philadelphia and since I'm going to be here, I might as well play shows. While I am a bit personally distressed, this works well for the job at hand because I can invest more time and effort on the preparations for the upcoming tour.

Speaking of the tour, we have a new addition to our roster of guest artist. Seems that Will Jones/Hazideon Zarco will be joining us for our Lexington Ky stop on the tour, bringing the total number of guest artist to four so far. We plan to add more performers as we can to make this the ultimate road trip.

Speaking of new, our original booking agent had some personal issues to deal with and had to drop out. Hey stuff happens, but personable Twiz Baxter is stepping up to the challenge. This is the kind of support I really appreciate. Thanks Twiz, your the best.

So summing up, Zorch is homeless, Will/Hazideon joins the guest artist roster and Twiz Baxter takes over booking the tour.