Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not just ACTION.... Inter-ACTION

This blog is a little different then normal. I want to speak for a moment on, ask not what “2 big 4 the Internet” can do for me. Ask instead, what can I do for “2 big 4 the Internet”.

That humming sound you hear is John Kennedy spinning in his grave.

Last Sunday, we had the Zorch Boomhauer Covered event. We always have a fellow that records the events for us off the stream, but at this event that person lost the stream and we have gaps in the program.

Now I'm guessing there is at least one person out there that records concerts. Maybe more then one. If you are one of those people we need your help. We need to find someone that has Noma's songs recorded , and if anybody has Moondoggirl's performance of “The conversation wasn't over”, please contact me via email at zorchboomhauer@gmail.com

But there are still MORE ways to.... INTERACT !!!!

We have a swanky, hi-tech web site for “2 big 4 the Internet”, and at that web site, there is a guest book featured prominently at the bottom of the page. If you leave a message on that guest book are are participating in the wonderful world of ...INTERACTION!!!

Now somebody asked, if they signed the guest book, if that got them on the “Orgy friend list”? Well... I'm not saying their will be a tour sanctioned orgy, but if there were such an event, if you were not on the list, you would probably be excluded. Why take the risk? Sign the guest book and know whatever goes on... you'll be on the list.

INTERACTION... it's not just as flashy word in all capital letters. It's a way of life.

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