Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Band Camp Sessions Collection... in the works

I've mentioned it before, but it bears mentioning again. Show played during my visit to Philadelphia have been recorded off the stream and we are currently pouring over the archived audio in order to compile an musical scrap book of the shows Lexie and I have played together during our Band Camp experience.

The collection will feature both musical tracks and something we are calling “Funny stuff”. Part of the Band Camp scene was the oblique dialog, and wacky stories between the songs and sometimes in the middle of them.
We were planning to include a video in the collection, but we seem to be having trouble getting our hands of the raw footage the videographer shot during our Orin Ben Charity show in Philadelphia.

The bootleg footage up on You Tube is pretty sub standard, so that will not be included. If we can get the footage expect a video treat. We have the tools to make an interesting video, but not the footage. Stand by for more info on that.

Lexie and I have talked about including some of the audio from the “Zorch Boomhauer: Covered event” in the collection. But I'm going to have to ask the permission from those performing before I can say any more on that.

Some of you might be wondering who's going to get paid what from the proceeds from the sales of this collection. Well... this is as good a time as any to explain the method behind our madness.

All proceeds from sales of “2 Big 4 The Internet: The Band Camp Sessions” will go towards underwriting the upcoming “2 Big 4 The Internet tour”. It's sort of like when you mak
e a 50$ donation to PBS and they send you a 4 $ tote bag with their logo on it. Of course we are NOT asking for a 50$ donation, but you can expect the price of the 2 Big 4 The Internet: The Band Camp Sessions collection to be a little higher then normal. The reason being three fold.

Reason one, most the time we sell things for far less then what they are worth in order to make sure people can afford it. They are always priced way under the current market value. In this case we need to up the profit margin because we are not just earning our humble crust of bread, we are underwriting a revolution. A musical revolution.

Reason two. I've mentioned PBS before, and you may not know it, but PBS is NOT a charity. It is non-profit, but it's not doing anything more then providing alternative programing from commercial Television and Radio.

The 2 Big 4 the Internet tour is a lot like that in we are not part of the commercial music industry infrastructure. We aren't the next Flavor of the week, or the guy that fits the Johnny Bravo suit. We do need your support in any way possible. Sign our guest book, follow our blog, attend our shows when you are able and if you can... help us cover our cost to mount this adventure.

Reason three. The material is just too good to linger on our hard-drives. If you are a fan of what has been going on at band camp, you are going to love this collection and in the end, we are motivated by what pleases the people that love and support our music.

In other news. The other night we got a wicked cool graphic of Lexie and Zorch, performing on top of the pink tour bus. It was created by Bobbi Laval and she has a very distinctive style. We asked her if we could use it for the Cover art for the up coming collection and she agreed. Thanks Bobbi. We are also making available a t-shirt with this swanky graphic on the Jack Kinagree Reverb Nation Store (there is a widget for the store on the sidebar of this blog). The profit margin on t-shirts is pretty small, but if you choose to buy one... they look wicked cool. The money provided will come in handy, but just wearing the shirt is also a way to support the cause.

How is the tour coming?

Well with out giving away too many secrets, everyday we deal with breakthroughs and setbacks. This is a new idea and we are coming from a space significantly outside the box. Sometimes outside the box draws people in and sometimes it set them running away. But this is going to happen. If it were easy I'm sure somebody would have done it by now. We are generating interest and some of it far outside the boarders of Second Life. This is a story to be told, an adventure to live, and history to be written.


  1. Loving the Ride!!!!!! Thanks You Two for Being You!!!!
    Love You

  2. I totally LURVE band about live vibe) ..NOMA