Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013... the best year for recorded music ever!!!!

I've got some news about recording projects for Kinagree Smith and the members of Kinagree Smith.

As you may know there have been lots of set back on the way to creating our opus magnum, “Ashes and Dreams”. But now it seems as a conclusion is in site.

On February 17th we'll be entering Unipheye Music studios to actually record “Ashes and Dreams”. And while it has been a long time coming, I earnestly believe it will be worth the wait.

But wait.... there is more.

While waiting to get our “stuff in one sock”, Lexie and I have been writing more songs and some time during the year 2013 we should be releasing one solo collection each.

On Lexie's Solo collection you can expect....

Love Grows
Stay in the Moment
The Plot
When The Rain Starts to Fall
Bitter Sweet
When I Get Home
Where Do We Go from Here
Your Star
And more.....

On Jack's Collection you can expect.....

Why Can't I Hear Myself Screaming
I Sleep in Circles
So Over Me
My Folk Music Want's to Kick Your Ass
I'm In Control
Andy Warhol Chic
And more....

Also, remember late Spring we'll be recording the “2 Big 4 The Internet” EP with Vinnie and Noma.

We've really gotten out of the habit of releasing recorded material, and frankly we need to change that. We are songwriters, we need to be writing songs and recording them so people can enjoy them.

2013 seems quite promising and as always, expect great things.