Friday, April 4, 2014

You never get a second chance to make a last impression

Yesterday a Second Life Musician became an Ex-Second Life Musician. Of course the way he went about it was less then dignified.

Lexie was looking at her Facebook page and found a rant from an "Un-named" muso whom felt he was not appreciated sufficiently and was going to storm off in a huff and never play in Second life again. This guy had his finger pointing at everybody.

Now, I feel qualified to talk about being un-popular because while I feel My self and the band "Kinagree Smith" are one of the best acts on Second life, we are by no means popular. And I know the reasons we are not popular.


Just kiddking, it's NOT your fault at all. It is the nature of what we do that makes us both GREAT and not very popular. We play an awful lot of Original tunes and  when you drop somebody into a concert and they don't hear songs they know and are comfortable with, They don't have a good time. However, there are a happy few that look for something original, or personable and enjoy what we do very much.

Now the fellow that quit the other day, had an act where he would play flute over  backing tracks. Now that does not really peak my interest and I can't imaging many people would be lining up for an hour of flute tooting. It was kind of unreasonable for him to expect great successes with such an act, however he did expect it and was was very dissapointed when it didn't come after two years of trying.

He did mention he had a few friends and or supporters but didn't mention them by name, and if they are really that few it should be easy to mention them all. Kinagree Smith is a cult band, but I can't name all our friends and supporters. However we do recognize them when they show up.

Now, one of your friends is a Second life ROCKSTAR. She blows out Sims when she plays, and as her friends we are privy to the fact she work her butt off to keep things interesting. She also does popular songs and half the time she plays her bass to backing tracks. She does popular things and adds the talent and hard work to be the ROCKSTAR she is.

Now this blog is not really about what makes you popular or not in Second life. It's about leaving with your dignity intact. You really never get a second chance to make a last impression and as of now I think the fellow in question is very immature.  When you leave please don't underline your failure because only the artist can define failure or success. If you choose to leave Second Life, and must say something, please make a point to thank your supporters. Please don't  throw a childish tantrum.

Second life doesn't owe you popularity. Bring what you got and work hard. But in the end, I'm reminded of the words of a wise quasi blues-man. "The truth don't matter anyway, it is, what it is, what it is".

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

All I want is loving you and music,music,music

I'm not announcing any new big projects here, but I've been bumping around with a bunch of musical instruments the last few days and I'm really feeling my Sap rising. I've devoted my life to music and I still haven't reached bottom yet.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about music and let me share a few random thoughts

Music is shaped by it's audience... and that is not always a good thing. We live in a world that values music as a commodity. The more commercial some bit of music is, the better it is. This is true even in niche genres like ours.   Now I find myself wondering if that is true.

I love music and I've spent four years supporting myself with music. It's was very hard because I didn't make much money at it, but I scraped out a living.

 Then I got a day job.

I still played music ever night but I made enough money with the day job to consider music a hobby. My Day job has provided me with all the musical tool I could ask for and now all my gear is Super Mega. I should be making music like a crazy monkey. But I'm not.

Now that music is not "work" it requires more discipline then I've developed. So the last few days I've been enjoying my new musical toys with random enthusiasm.  I'm figuring the best way to do "something" is to get about doing "anything".

I'm currently laid off of my job, so lets see if I get any more productive. This has afforded me time to make music, but I would love to go back to work.

What was this blog about?