Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is it crazy in here or is it just me?

It's been a while since the last update and I apologize for that. While not an excuse, things have been a little Non-Linear here at Kinagree Smith Head Quarters, and it's making my very linear head throb. It's not a case of things going poorly, but nothing is simple anymore.

The Documentary is in progress, it's just not progressing as well as it could. We have always planned on incorporating as much crowd sources footage as we could. While we had hoped for more footage, we are having a bit of a problem getting it all on one hard drive.

We really can't press forward until we have all the footage so it's a bit of a hold up.

A good deal of the footage we have so far is from Ed Feldman, whom just happens to be our Executive producer. For a guy that has spent most of his life in front of the camera he's done an outstanding job getting the shots and making things visually interesting.

In other news..... seem I'm moving again.

Anyone following the “Jack Kinagree Saga: The Philadelphia Years” has probably notice I move a lot. But this time I'm not moving because I had my horse shot out from under me. Seems that Ira and myself are going to move in together and try to do the whole “Band house” thing.

No, Lexie won't be joining us, she still has family that claim her. But she will be hanging out there as often as possible I'm sure.

I'm sure it will be a productive and happy place. Expect great things. Should be moving October 15th so we got a little time to get everything pointed in the right directions.

Two-fer Tuesday.

People seem to enjoy the “Media Madness”, so here are two nuggets to whet your appetite for more.

First up, a video Clip from the upcoming “2 Big 4 The Internet”. This is a clip from the rehearsal for the big shows. All total we had 6 hours of practice for the Three shows we played. Here are six people crammed in a small, hot room trying to make art.

The Audio clip is from a remote Jam Noma did with the recording from “Hobson's Choice” version of “ This is the place”. Sound brilliant if you ask me.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Media Monday Madness!!!!

Well the great adventure that was the "2 Big 4 the Internet" event is now consigned to history, it's time to record that history and share it with you.

Before I get all "Blah blah blah" about it, let's post some Media (Much more amusing) and we'll deal with the details later.

First off, a Video.

I'm calling this "Lick the Musical Spoon" because it's just a taste of what is in store for you with the completed  Documentary.  I find this video interesting because it is our first play through of the song "Marital Bliss" and it's amazingly tight. You can already sense the musical chemistry in the air.

"Andy Warhol Chic" from G-Town Radio show

We did have the full show posted here a few days ago. But it seems we went way over our Limit with "Sound Cloud" so we had to pull it.

This performance is rough,raw, and real. It also sounds pretty cool to me. I'm amazed how far this collection of musicians get on talent and chemistry.

"Throw away Girl" from our In world show at "Bob's Secret Island".

This show was CRAZY. We not only sent a full band down the series of tubes that make up the internet, but did live video as well. The sound is pretty good.

Well that about covers our Media Monday Madness edition of the blog.