Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is it crazy in here or is it just me?

It's been a while since the last update and I apologize for that. While not an excuse, things have been a little Non-Linear here at Kinagree Smith Head Quarters, and it's making my very linear head throb. It's not a case of things going poorly, but nothing is simple anymore.

The Documentary is in progress, it's just not progressing as well as it could. We have always planned on incorporating as much crowd sources footage as we could. While we had hoped for more footage, we are having a bit of a problem getting it all on one hard drive.

We really can't press forward until we have all the footage so it's a bit of a hold up.

A good deal of the footage we have so far is from Ed Feldman, whom just happens to be our Executive producer. For a guy that has spent most of his life in front of the camera he's done an outstanding job getting the shots and making things visually interesting.

In other news..... seem I'm moving again.

Anyone following the “Jack Kinagree Saga: The Philadelphia Years” has probably notice I move a lot. But this time I'm not moving because I had my horse shot out from under me. Seems that Ira and myself are going to move in together and try to do the whole “Band house” thing.

No, Lexie won't be joining us, she still has family that claim her. But she will be hanging out there as often as possible I'm sure.

I'm sure it will be a productive and happy place. Expect great things. Should be moving October 15th so we got a little time to get everything pointed in the right directions.

Two-fer Tuesday.

People seem to enjoy the “Media Madness”, so here are two nuggets to whet your appetite for more.

First up, a video Clip from the upcoming “2 Big 4 The Internet”. This is a clip from the rehearsal for the big shows. All total we had 6 hours of practice for the Three shows we played. Here are six people crammed in a small, hot room trying to make art.

The Audio clip is from a remote Jam Noma did with the recording from “Hobson's Choice” version of “ This is the place”. Sound brilliant if you ask me.

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  1. Re: The Rehearsal Footage: WHOA. On the one hand, there's Lexie stating she was afraid we'd sound unrehearsed. On the other hand, there we are sounding simply fabulous. Normally when something feels as good as that ensemble did to me at the time, the playbacks are somehow "less-than-that". In this case it feels just like it did when I was there. I must admit I'm one of the "hold-ups" Jack is referring to. I could not get my clips off my bloggie to "disappear" and make room for new clips, but did manage to get them onto my tired old Dell laptop (the one I brought to Philadelphia). No sooner did I figure out how to "wipe" my bloggie (you basically have to reformat it), my laptop went "kaput" and is now in the shop. I have told them those Quicktime clips MUST be salvaged. The moment I have them (all fingers and toes crossed) I will deposit them into our common dropbox and hopefully some of them will qualify for the final 2B4tI final rendering. On a personal note, when you see me in those clips ^ up there ^ what you're witnessing is an Italian guy from the Northcoast falling in musical love with the musicians around him. I have a remarkable, obsessive memory of my musical existence dating all the way back to the mid-1960's. Believe me, this endeavor, for me, has been one of the all-time *highs*. Although I was asked to be involved in this project as "a drummer", I did not expect to lock so well with Ira & Noma, nor did I expect the drumming aspect of my involvement to be so rewarding. I'm *always* "the drummer". My musical presence in Second Life was intended to bring out the other aspects of my musical self...the guitar, vocals, songwriting, & cultivator of music - both original and cover - that has become such an important part of my life over the past half-century. Surprisingly, I felt completely *at home* behind the drums with these musicians. I played a very soft, scaled-down version of my usual self, yet it proved to be one of the most satisfying things I've ever done musically. Truth is, I adore every single one of those people you see in that video, and I'm quite fond of the man behind the camera as well. Does Vinnie need more relatives? NO! But you can bet your ass I found some. Good ones, too. The best. Love As Ever, V