Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 8th annual PFFF and Band house is LIVE!!!!!

Wow, what an INSANE weekend we just had. Saturday, we played the 8th Annual “Post Festival Feaster's Fest”, and shortly after playing our history making set, headed out to move operations to “Band House”.

Our set at PFFF was late due to the event starting late. More late then normal. Seems there was a HUGE traffic incident on the Schuylkill River road and this really put a Kink in the hose of musical fun. When a few people showed up and we got the PA working. Chris sent us up. While the crowd was small the musical performance was HUGE and we even got some of it on video.

We did get to meet one of our supporters from “The Grid”. Her name is Sandra and she is from Delaware. Sandra even bought a Copy of our “Wartzinall” CD. This came in handy because we needed to buy some gas for the car to expedite the Move to “Band House”.

The Band House “Pre-Move”.

Before we could move in my stuff and set up the “Music Room” we had to move a good deal of very heavy stuff around. Lexie's Son and a few of his teenage band mate helped us, or I don't think it would have happened at all. By the end of the night... there was a little Damage, but nobody went to the emergency room and everything was where we wanted it. After the work, the boys went down to the basement and made much happy noise with the various musical toys we have down there.

Sunday I started tearing up my room to pack stuff up. I really move way too often. But I'm rather sure this will be home for a long time now.

Once again Lexie's Teenage son, Blake helped us with the moving. Much thanks and mad props to Blake.

Once we got all the stuff in I had to scramble to get it set up for a show I had at 1 am. I did make the show and “Band House” is now operational.

On Monday the 15th of October, Kinagree Smith streamed a full band show to the “Merry Pranksters” music sim.

Band house is here, expect great things.

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