Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kinagree Smith Band House – Week One by Ira Norman Segall

As if it hasn’t already been apparent, my beloved friend and band-mate Jack has moved into my house (now our house). And as inseparability goes, Lexie is almost always here in the evenings as well. This has created a community that can only best be described as Band House.

A remarkable amount of planning and work to prepare, now behind us is giving way to an atmosphere of creativity and comradery. I gotta say that the convenience of the streaming studio now here is beyond wonderful for me and many of the toys I have including room-acoustics treatment are proving very useful tools in creating the sonic Kinagree Smith product.

Having been in recluse/hermit energy for many years, this has been something of a stretch for me, although each day has gotten easier for me in accommodating and adjusting and in fact, it is proving not to be quite the level of upheaval that I’d anticipated. This feels like the natural progress both for my personal growth and moving forward as well as for the energy that is Kinagree Smith and the various side-projects that want to happen around it. I’m still watching it within myself, but it really feels correct thus far. On the other hand, it really is only week one. You could still read about it in the papers; “Percussionist kills guitar-player from same band.” On yet another hand, we’re not 20 years old any more either and we bring some more life experience here to Band House.

Please check back often in the days and the weeks come for continuing Band House updates.


  1. OK, let's be real. I don't live in the band house. I can never live in the "band house". The closest I'll ever come is camping on the sofa when I visit. However, after reading this I'm compelled to toss in my "two cents". Most, if not all - of my friends - generally appreciate when I DON'T threw my two cents in...but such is the burden of choosing to be friends with Vinnie...who always comments on things via "VinnieVision". Here's the deal. Jack Kinagree is a genius. There are no qualifying statements necessary here. Just trust me - Jack is a genius. Next, we have the so-called "land-lord", Ira Norman Segall. Please pay attention. Ira is a GENIUS. Did you get that? A GENIUS. That makes TWO geniuses living in one band house. As "Doc" once said (Back To The Future), the space/time continuum willl unravel. Well...MAYBE. But when you throw in Lexie Smith....well....NOW you have yet another GENIUS...only....well...not just a "genius"....but....let's be totally honest. Lexie is a CHICK. Not just a chick, but a WAY COOL chick. So now you have a genius who's a CHICK. Uh oh. Could it be??? The space/time continuum is suddenly SAFE! Now...let's throw in some herbs & spices. Eventually, just as this "band house" idea comes to complete fruition, Noma Falta and myself (Vinnie - from OHIO!) will arrive and make things slightly complicated again. Is this a bad thing? A year ago I'd have said "oh yeah...leave 'em alone....they're amazing just the way they are - DON'T screw them up with baggage". Well, naturally, Vinnie was WRONG - way wrong. When we all get together, the magic INCREASES! OH...MY...GOD!!!! Yeah, it increases. It flies like an eagle; soars like a dove. Bottom line - I think we all love and respect each other. I think the famous "2big4theInternet" lineup will ALWAYS be a cohesive family-style musical potpourri that can't be equaled by anything else. Hopefully, the readers of this will realize that doesn't take ANYTHING away from Kinagree Smith. What it does is to illustrate the power of love and music. Yeah, that's what it does. conclude...please listen, children. Listen to the music that saved your frigging space/time continuum and allowed the world to continue spinning on its axis. Listen, enjoy the guilty pleasure, and exclaim (from the bottom of your heart) THANK YOU, dear Kinagrees, for making my world just a little brighter....for just a stolen moment in time. Oh...and're quite welcome. Hugs and more hugs. - Love, Vinnie

  2. Praise the Music Gods!!!!!!!! I want to play in the "Band House" too. You know I love you all and yes you all are amazing..
    Dona - Enchantress- E or whatever else you want to call me : ) Just call me!!!!!!