Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Such a Tease

Okay, I've gotta tell you up front I don't want to be tight lipped today, but sometimes you just have to exercise a bit of discretion.

Being discreet sucks ass.
Have you ever had a brilliant fooki
ng idea and not been allowed to talk about it? Hey I like being the demonstratively smartest kid in the class. Hell... this idea is so good, it may force the noble prize people to establish a new category. The Noble Prize for Thinking outside the box... and I would be the very first winner in this category. How far out of the box is it? Well it's soooo far out of the box, you'll be saying, “Box? I don't see a box. Was there ever a box? I don't have even a dim memory of the box”.

What can I say about this amazing idea that won't give it all away?


The Tour is both bigger and smaller at the same time.

The odds of people attending are vastly improved.

And, it's even possible that everybody working on this project will make a little money.

While I've already said too much... as is often the case, I'll say a bit more. Lexie wants me to keep the details on the down-low because she feels everybody is still in holiday mode, and we need to do a bit of research into this because as far as I know, it's never been done.

Stand by for great things in the upcoming year 2011.

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