Saturday, December 4, 2010

What the Fudge is happening???

Wow three questions marks, that indicates an EPIC scale of confusion. But it's not really confusion rather then frustrations.

Simply stated, things are evolving on an mind bending scale for the “2 Big 4 The Internet tour”. But I can't talk about it just yet. Things are still in “the works” and when things are in the works you can't post them to the blog and be a responsible journalist.

Curse me and my mild mannered responsible nature.

Is this all a big tease? Not really. I just realize if I don't give you accurate information there is no reason for you to bother to read this blog.

However, if I only update once in a blue moon, you'll probably miss the information when it does come out. Now what can I tell you about?

Well on the 12th December starting at 11 am slt, there will be another “Covered” event. This time the guest of honor will be one Zorch Boomhauer. The Artist covering me will be as follows (of course subject to change).

Matthew Broyles *Perreault*
Moondoggirl Moomintoog
Noma Falta
Blindboy Gumbo

I think this is a pretty good line up, but that is mostly because it's one of the rare instances of me having heard of everyone in the lineup. There is one name I would like to see added to the line up, but I'm not going to say whom it is right now. Lets just say he's a friend of BIG JOE.

As for hints of whom is playing what... Goodness I'm such a gossip. Deadeye did ask me for a lyric sheet with chords for “The Pipes of Redemption”, and “Mo Anam Cara”. But I'm not sure what he's going to play,and POL did ask for a similar sheet for “1:16 AM”. There is a rumor going around the Noma has been test driving “I wasn't missing you at all” at some of her live shows. But who can say what will shake out in the end, and that is part of the fun.

Since December is the last month of the year 2010, I'm rather sure this will be the last covered event of this calender year. So summing up, it's been, Lexie Luan, POL Arida, and Zorch Boomhauer. A rather auspicious beginning for the Covered series.

As interesting as all this may be it's nothing compared to the revelations to come. I'm sure you'll read them.... when I can print them, and say, “Those guys are CRAZY” and you would be right. But I've come to the realization that it's the crazy people that get stuff done and change things.

Your probably wondering if this is tease. Well it is, but it's a tease that is going to pay off.

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  1. Oh I love a good tease....after all it is all about the seduction isn't it? I am so excited for you both and for all the other people that will be part of it along the way (including me or I will cry) ; )
    Rumor has it that this next Coverd is going to be SO SO Rock and Roll : ) and awesome too..Why because it will be filled with love and respect for an amazing musician and friend...Doesn't get any better then that!
    Love you both