Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Band Camp over?

Notice the question mark? Last night Lexie and I played our last Band Camp late show, and it was of course EPIC. But it seems it might not be the last Band Camp show.

The place I was going to has vanished, so I have nowhere to go.

Until I do have a place to go, I'm going to be in Philadelphia and since I'm going to be here, I might as well play shows. While I am a bit personally distressed, this works well for the job at hand because I can invest more time and effort on the preparations for the upcoming tour.

Speaking of the tour, we have a new addition to our roster of guest artist. Seems that Will Jones/Hazideon Zarco will be joining us for our Lexington Ky stop on the tour, bringing the total number of guest artist to four so far. We plan to add more performers as we can to make this the ultimate road trip.

Speaking of new, our original booking agent had some personal issues to deal with and had to drop out. Hey stuff happens, but personable Twiz Baxter is stepping up to the challenge. This is the kind of support I really appreciate. Thanks Twiz, your the best.

So summing up, Zorch is homeless, Will/Hazideon joins the guest artist roster and Twiz Baxter takes over booking the tour.

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