Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Updated Kinagree Smith Dot Com, now 70% more Swanky!!!!

The General interest story

We've got a brand new web page. I point this out simply because I'm sure a lot of people would not notice. But it's More-Less where it needs to be and just enough to be “Wicked Kwel ™ ” .

The Nerd/Geek part of the story

You may think this was a, “I had nothing better to do” project. But that was not the case. There was a major gaff in the design of the old Kinagree Smith page. It was accidentally very dated technology.

This caused major problem.

Back in the day when Dinosaurs ruled the earth, and made web sties on Geo Cities with Frame sets, I learned the dark art of laying out websites in “Tables” and then embraced what I was told would be the future of web design, “Flash”

Springing forward in the history, we find both the Dinosaurs and Steve Jobs dead, and I can't recall the last time I saw a frame set. However, Tables are also rendered to be the HTML version of the Dodo, and Flash... the once and future king of web spiffyness is now.... not supported by I-phone.

While this might seem like “Not and Issue” I assure you it is. When people went to the site with an I-Phone, they saw a collection of gray boxes and could not make heads nor tails of whatever content might be there.

Some Android phones can see the Flash elements but some can not. I'm pretty sure computer users could see the site. But an awful lot of people surf on their phones.

This is a problem.

On a side note, did you ever notice your living in the future? We not only have computers, we have Lap top computers, Tables and Smart phones. Google is working on Wi-fi glasses that will take us all one more step closer to singularity.

Living the the future means, as a content publisher, adapt or... be a bunch of Gray boxes.

The new site is not just “HTML” but the new and Uber Swanky “HTML 5”. The Styles are not just “CSS” but the bleeding edge of technology, “CSS3” (Check out that radius-ed corners. If your browser supports CSS3. Gwad knows your Phone does). And the animated/interactive elements are Java, or more to the point Jquery.

I must mention, while I've done all I can do to make the page work on smart phones. There will be a few gray boxes. Some of the third party plug-ins are still Flash. But when they update, I will as well.

Mind you the full page still works on your computer, so if you get some gray boxes you can log on via your trusty computer and uncover the mysteries of it all.

Welcome to the future dear friend. Enjoy the new site. I'm going have my jive talking robot butler bring me my rocket pack and go for a fly around Port Richmond. Until next time.

Expect great things.

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