Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five Crazy days with Kinagree Smith and Noma Falta

On April 14th of 2012, Noma Falta (Some call her Valerie Barbin) came to the Kingdom of Kweder, or as some call it Philadelphia. Lexie and I just happened to be driving by the airport when Noma came walking out. We says “Hey Noma”, and she said “Hey Lexie and Sidecar Zorch. I've just flown to Philadelphia on a whim and was wondering if you I could hang out with with some Rock Stars”. Lexie looked at me smiling and then answered Noma, “All the Rock Stars are out of town this week, but you can hang with us if you want”. Noma though about it, shook her head and got into the car.

This was the start of five crazy days.

That story is not entirely true, but we like it so it's the official LEDGEND now.

Music Music and Pizza!!!

Noma really didn't let the dust settle when we got to the Epicenter of the Philadelphia music scene, the Kweder House, before instruments were yanked out of their cases and live music filled the air.

After a couple of hours of “Kicking it around”, Noma thought for a moment and said, “Hey, this is pretty tasty, why don't we share it with the kids on the grid”? Lexie and I smiled and nodded, we were thinking the same thing, and we did have a show booked at Bahama's Swingers Club.

Oh boy.... Let's go swinging!!!

The very first “Rock Summit” show was performed at Bahama's Swingers Club. While a bit off the “Music Community Radar”, this is one of our most supportive venues. In other words... we love these guys and were so very pleased to perform such and EPIC and History making show for them.

The normal attendance for a Saturday Night show at this venue is about 40 people, but at this show, the map says there were 77 people there, having their eardrums anointed by some of the best live music on the Internet.

Hey Noma is a Rock star.

This show also featured a song that we made up on the spot, called “Crashing on Linden's Floor”. It was wicked cool, but we promised NEVER TO PLAY IT AGAIN !!!

But it was cool.

Live on the Radio with Ed Feldman !!!

How could we have Noma over and NOT do a segment on G-town Radio's “Morning Feed” with Germantown's own King of Media, Ed Feldman?

Ed is a full blown HOOT to hang with, and to me... and it seems Noma, he's still a TV star.

Hopefully we'll get a copy of the show to post for you.

Something different really odd happened during the show. We got a phone call that wasn't from Ed's Ex-current (never sure about the status) girlfriend Arlyn. It was from our very best Second Life Fan/Stalker, Vecnia. Yay for Fan's that listen in. We are both very flattered and a little concerned.

The reason we were doing the show on Monday was to promote Noma's live performance at Kenn Kweder's Nuclear Hootenanny where she would be the “Featured Guest”. Woot.

Ed said he would be there and bring the full staff of G-town radio, and they would all ride in on the custom Airbrushed G-town Radio Van.

Lexie didn't get the joke and was a little disappointed when there was no custom Airbrushed Van. But Ed did come to the show.

Thanks for the REAL support Ed.

The world renown, famed in story and song, Nuclear Hootenanny !!!

One of the touchstone events that had to happen was for the Kinagree Smith/ Noma Falta show to play Kenn Kweder's Uber Open Mic, The Nuclear Hootenanny. When we told Kenn that Noma was coming he said, “Great I'll make her the featured guest”.

We got to the event and something was missing? Ummmm.... oh yeah, where is Kenn?

As is the case with many events during this show, history was made again. The normally prompt Kenn Kweder was late for the fourth time in his 30 year musical career. While there was a 7:30 start time, we didn't get rolling until about 9 PM.

Because of the late start, we played as a full band second. It was as amazing as you might imagine. A little later, Noma Played solo, but only did one song. We got up early to do Ed's show, so Noma was beat down to her socks. But it was a fun show for sure. And I can mention playing with Noma live on my ever expanding resume.

The show is over, let's PARTY LIKE ROCK STARS !!!!

After the Hootenanny, we had an obligation to party like Rock Stars so we headed to south Philly with Germantown's king of all Media, Ed Feldman in the back seat. Time to head out to Pat's (this king of steaks) to get Noma a Cheesesteak samitch.

Having Ed in the backseat made for an interesting ride. Talk about a guided tour of Philly in the middle of the night. Ed knowledge of the lore of encyclopedic, so even while partying like rock stars we were being educated.

It's good to be us.

After visiting Pat's we went to “Center City Pretzels” , a place Kenn told us about just before we left the Hootenanny. Man... that place is amazing. The Pretzels come right out of the oven and you get 5 huge soft pretzels for a dollar. We got six dollars worth and it was like eating eating pretzel cake.


A bold experiment... it's effin science !!!!!

For the longest time, I've had an account at “Stage it”, a web site that provides musicians a portal to provide video shows live for their fans. I've thought about doing one, Lexie and Noma had thought about doing one, so what the heck. We figured with this line up, it would be a great time to give it a try. We scheduled a show, and put tickets up for sale.

We were looking at this purely as an experiment. Just getting everything to work seemed like a big enough hurdle to deal with. As for selling tickets, we didn't have much in the way of expectations. While very affordable, every time you deal with a web site they make you register, and put money into the system and we figured most would choose not to bother.

We were wrong about that.

We posted notices and invited people to join us in our experiment. We asked them to do it in the name of Science. And 8 people pulled on the lab coats and made history with us.

Wait... is it science or history?

Both I think, with a side order of Art.

It was a great show and much thanks to those that logged on. It was fun and it would not have been so much fun playing to the virtual chairs.

One last show together

After the video show, we posted a spontaneous show at our venue, “The Drunk Tank”. We got to tag up one last time with all our online supporters, and at the end of the show, we were tired and a bit sad. It was an amazing time, and we made some wicked cool music.

Noma transfigured from a cartoon to a real person to us, and a real friend. Much Love Noma. Thank you for jamming with us.

In summation....

What a crazy five days. We did record a few shows, so who knows they may be available sometime soon for those that missed out.

As always. Expect Great Things.

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