Monday, April 30, 2012

Hobson's Choice is RELEAESED!!!!

Release Party at "The Drunk Tank"

Some times, we here at Kinagree Smith Head Quarters AMAZE ourselves. First on our list of amazing feats is our unfathomable humility. While being the vanguard of all musical evolution, we still remember we put our pants on like everybody else. By levitating in the air and using the force to slide the pants up our legs simultaneously.

But Perhaps I digress.

Last Sunday, we pulled off quite a feat. We not only released “Hobson's Choice” but we pulled off two very different release events in the span of four hours. The first event was in Second Life at our “In world” base of operations, “The Drunk Tank”. This marks the fist release party not sponsored by a major venue in Second Life. The Second event, held a scant hour after the first event finished was a live video show on “Stage it”.

At The Drunk Tank

In retrospect, we probably could have picked a better date to hold this event. Little did we know the BIG RELAY FOR LIFE charity was this weekend, and we learned that curing cancer take president over attending a release party. But 20 some odd people could compartmentalize their event attendance (I can spend 11 hours supporting a cure for cancer and one hour listening to Jack Kinagree).

We sold a few copies, gave a few away to contest winners and as far as I can tell everybody had a good time.

I must confess it was not my best performance, but I was distracted by the amount of work we had to do between the events to get the “Stage It” show up on time.

The “Stage” it Show

Our participation at “Stage It” is still in the experimental stage. Wow... I used the word stage twice in one sentence. Alert the grammar Nazis. Oddly, we had a star packed studio audience in the basement to watch the show LIVE. Lexie Smith, while not performing, did lend her Support, and the King of all Media (in German Town PA) Ed Feldman (yes, one of the furniture guys) came over and brought singing phenom Arlyn Wolters (The Dukes of Destiny) with him.

Hilarity ensued....

The online part of the audience consisted of Uber Fan Vecnia, and past “Stage it” show participant Noma Falta.

Yes, two people showed up. But still I'm marking this as a win, because two people is a lot more then no people at all.

As for my performance, I think it was amazing, but I'm notoriously bias.

After the show, Arlyn, Lexie and I jammed a bit. Man... wish we got that on camera. It was great.

Then we hung out for a while talking about life. Yes, this is what happens when you get 5 “Supa Stars” together at Kenn Kweder's House.

Of course after the fellowship, Ed and Arlyn went to dinner, and Lexie and I went back to the task of being.... Kinagree Smith.

We ended the Night with a two hour set at “Wild Girls”, and then sat back and glowed in the post show “warm fuzzies”.

While some might see this as “No big deal”, everything is a big deal to me. We made a record, released that recording, played live music and, at the end of the day, earned our crust of bread. Trying new things is always risky, but you learn new ways of getting things done and that is a worthwhile endeavor.

Now we press on to the next project. “Ashes and Dreams”... long talked about may soon be finished. Soon, like maybe before next year soon.

But as always, keep expecting great things.

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