Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Return of Kinagree Smith

Hey, it's not like we went anywhere. But things have been quiet on the blog and that can make things seem quiet all over the world as far as Kinagree Smith is concerned. But fear not, our musical fields have no gone fallow. Here is some news you can use.

The return of the Nuclear Hootenanny

On Monday the 9th of April, Kenn Kweder's Nuclear Hootenanny returns. While no longer held at the Legendary “Green Rock Tavern” the “New and Improved” Hootenanny should provide the city of brotherly love a much needed shot in the head.... er, arm. We've got a prime slot reserved already and will be playing some tunes. If you are in the area, head on over to The Hollywood Tavern at 700 Huntingdon Pike and get ready to RWAK!!! Show starts at 7:30 PM. Get there early and catch the Kweder.

Rock star visitor coming to Hang with Kinagree Smith

If you've been to any of our Second Life shows, you may have heard us greet Noma Falta our Rock Star friend. Well her “Real Life Alt”, Valerie Barbin is coming to Philly to hang the in effervescent glow of the Kinagree Smithness. There will be much music making and God only knows, we might put some of it up on the web. But the one actual item on the agenda is for Valerie to play at the Nuclear Hootenanny. I talk to Kenn about it, and he said he would make her to featured artist of the evening.

So mark it down on your “Hello Kitty” Calendar. April 16th, Valerie Barbin AKA Noma Falta at the Nuclear Hootenanny with Kinagree Smith.

New Solo release from Jack Kinagree

No, the band is not breaking up. But we do allow a good deal of artistic latitude and there can never be too many recordings of me, so get ready dear friend. “Hobson's Choice” is coming.

If you are a Zorch fan, you will have heard these songs before, nothing new in the material, but the recording is so revolutionary that I can safely say it's either brilliant or stupid, I'm not sure which.

What we did was throw up some very expensive mics, hooked it up to audiophile recording equipment and captured a performance in amazing detail.

Each performance is one take, no overdubs, time stretching or pitch correction. Every nuance is captured in some very emotional performances. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to sit in front of me as I play to hear how the music really sounds, here is your chance.

The initial release will be of the MP3 version, but shortly after that, there will be High Definition versions available from Unipheye Music in a variety of formats. So if you happen to have a 100,000 $ stereo system... we can hook you up with some cool tunes.

While labeled as a Jack Kinagree solo recording, Ira Norman Segall does play on most of the cuts. So if you are a fan of the “Bring a helmet” shows. You have a recording you will LOVE.

The release of “Hobson's Choice” should be shortly after Valerie's visit. Expect it by the end of the month or early May.

Yes, we've had a slow winter. There were circumstances that really brought us to a crawl. But we are back. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. Once again, you can Expect Great Things.

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  1. Right On!!! We will be waiting. Leta and I are in Vegas where EVERYTHING checked out good and she is still in remission. We are getting prepared to do a little walk, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City to raise awareness for breast cancer research. We have a website just going up. See ya'll when we hit the east coast next year...