Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wartzinall goes LIVE at MP3.... but what about I-tunes?

The day after we had our release event online, I set about posting Wartzinall to several third party vendors. If you want one or two songs from Wartzinall, now you can get just the songs you want.

But why wouldn't you want them all? Gotta be some kind of crazy person to just want ONE song from Wartzinall. And everybody knows the crazy people on the net all belong to something called MNP and none of those freaks read this blog.

But I digress.

Here is the handy link for those of you whom want to go take a gander. Keep in mind the previews (Pre-listens) are about 0.0001 seconds long, but I imagine the head honchos at Amazon figured with songs as good as the one featured on Wartzinall, you didn't need to bother with a lot of foreplay.

Wartzinall at Amazon

Now in theory, the songs are also suppose to be available on I-Tunes. But it seems I can't search for them without downloading the I-Tunes software, and there are some things I'm not willing to do. In a more perfect world, the people I bought the distribution package from would send me a note saying, “Hey you know that service you paid for? Well.... we didn't rip you off, your on I-Tunes now little buckaroo. Yeeehaaw”. Keep in mind I imagine the guys I bought the package from wearing little red felt cowboy hats, a fringe vest and red cowboy boot with white pipping. I don't even know why I might imagine that... but I do. TMI? Perhaps... I'll press on.

Now had they sent me such a note, and the tracks were not available on I-Tunes... how would I ever know?

Now the Experts tell me... and you know who you are, that I-Tunes is very, very, very important because... well... it just is. I'm not clear on why just yet. Since we are “Going fer it ™ “ I figured we ought to cross all the “I”s and dot all the “T”s.

Wait, I got that backwards.... I need to sleep someday

And you can't spell I-Tunes with out an “I” and a “T”.

And while we are at it, a U-N-E-S are also needed, and lets not forget the “-” that makes it all cute and trendy. but perhaps I explain too much.

So anyway, long story short, if anybody actually has I-Tunes software installed and can check, do me a favor and do so. Leave a comment either way... and yes, I'm looking right at the Experts. And don't forget to call me a little buckaroo.

Yes the unstoppable juggernaut that is Wartzinall, is just a wee bit more available and I think that is probably a good thing. Good things lead to great things and as always, expect great things.



  1. I have iTunes & "Wartzinall" IS available through the iTunes store! :-)

  2. I checked as well and it is available, and a reason it is important? Many use mac, i-phone or mp3 player by mac and it just helps.