Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love progress... it's so progressive

Late breaking news flash. I've updated the Kinagree-Smith web site (web site?), and frankly, while it won't win any awards, it's pretty simple and effective.


While our web ninja labors away at a site that will make your eyes bleed with is cutting edge cool-tastic-ness, we do need something to cover any visitors that might pop by in the mean time.

It's a web page with three links. “All the info” leads to our Reverb Nation page and that really does feature everything a normal band page would have. Then we have “All the news” which leads the visitor to our blog (Ummmm... you are reading the blog now), and last, a link that says, “Live web show/Buy Music and Merch/ The Calendar”. Not really sure what that is linked to, but it seems to fill the gap the other links leave.

I'm really proud of this page. Not because it's particularly clever or anything, but mostly because I'm a lazy bastard. And to get the job done with three links might get me nominated for a Nobel Prize in Slothful Pragmatism.

It's simple, it works and I'm going to bed. Feel free to check it out while I slumber.

When I wake up, Expect more great things.

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