Friday, May 20, 2011

Operation “Mob Dobbs” is in effect, Touring New Zealand.. the disk not us, and yet another video

Next Saturday the 28th of May Kinagree-Smith at the Legendary Dobbs

Yes it is indeed a very big deal. The Legendary Dobbs is pretty . well... legendary. Lots of people have launched mega careers in music after playing there. Not to say we'll ever make “IT”, but we could use a boost, and Dobbs is a very good place to get a boost.

If any of my Philly people are reading this, you already know how beneficial a good show at Dobbs can be, so mark it down on your calendar and get your funky self down to the show. And if you are going to be there make sure to tell the guy at the door you've come to see “Kinagree-Smith” or we don't get paid. It's all about the draw, and we are hoping we can muster up a few hundred people... or maybe ten.

Once again I mention in music, success comes from appearing to be popular even if you are not and this is a very important opportunity to appear to be popular.

Operations “Mob Dobbs” is in effect. We've got a great show ready to roll and all we need is people to play to. We should have the CD in hand at this time, and your attendance could put you in place to witness a small part of Kinagree-Smith history.

As I post this it is a few minutes into Saturday the 21 of May. Only a week until the big show. We'll be count down the days, and Lexie and I both hope to see you there.

Touring New Zealand... the CD

A good friend of ours has asked us to ship her a copy of “Wartzinall” to her home in New Zealand. She intends to take to the streets with the CD and play it for the Kiwi (People in New Zealand are called “Kiwi”). She plans to video their reaction to the Kinagree-Smith sound and send us the reaction video which we'll of course edit out the bad comments and post to You Tube.

How fun is that?

Speaking of Video

Here is a video from the Green Rock Tavern of me playing “The Conversation Wasn't Over”. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for this, Jack. An amazingly powerful composition - something we can or will all relate to.