Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Two-fer Video Hump day Extravaganza in preparation for Operation Mob Dobbs

Road Trip to Diskmakers brings Operation “Make a disk” to a successful conclusion

Mega thanks to those generous enough to help us with Operation “Make a disk”. Here is the road trip across the bridge to pick it up. I hope you enjoy.

Speaking of conclusion... the photo in the corner is of Bill, and he is the first to buy the new Wartzinall CD. I did try and make a video of the event, but I messed it up by having the camera ON when I didn't want it on, then turn it off for the event. Goodness I'm retarded.... er, Slow. You aren't suppose to say, “Retarded” anymore. Saying the “R” word is sooooo gay.

Anyway, we recorded songs, put them on a Disk and sold that disk to a person. Full circle. Mission accomplished and not in a George Bush kind of way.

Anyway, managed to get a still frame of Bill, so thanks Bill for supporting Independent music.
UPDATE: Bill sent me a better Photo via Face Book.

More music on Video

Did a “Mini Mob” drill at the green rock Monday and here is one of the songs we played. Might put the other one up later in the week.

Operation “Mob Dobbs” this Saturday

This upcoming Saturday. If you are in the Philly area join the Celtic/American Folk RWAK Revolution at the Legendary Dobbs. We are playing a full set so get there early and tell the man at the door you came to get an earfull of Kinagree-Smith.

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