Sunday, May 29, 2011

Legendary Music venues, The Birthplace of Larry fine and Ghost Busters... oh my!!!!

Now Kinagree-Smith are part of the Legend

Yes good readers, mark it down as history. Joining a long litenty of historical performances is the EPIC show performed by Kinagree-Smith. Yeah I know I'm talking a lot of shit, but it was a big deal for Lexie and I.

How did operation “Mob Dobbs” turn out?

Well, we didn't seem to draw as many as we hoped for. It being Memorial day weekend seemed to work against us as it seemed everybody had a good excuse for not showing up. Bill and Joe where there, so hurray for Bill and Joe.

I've gotta say, the staff at Dobbs where quite exceptional, and it was one of the most stress free performances I've every played. They were on top of everything and made us feel right at home.

Now during the performance, the front of Dobbs was wide open. We had a good crowd in the bar, but the scene out of the street was amazing. Lexie thinks my reaction to the people outside watching was kind of humorous, but I thought it was pretty cool. These were people not out looking for music, but rather stumbling across Kinagree-Smith and stopping to listen... and wave. I was waving back because I'm a goober and I'm easy to impress.

Now if you missed the live show... and many of you did, fear not, we are here with video in hand (or embedded) for you to enjoy. The performance part of the video was shot by Joe Karp (Not Carp as it says in the video). He was having a little trouble with the camera, but we got some prime live stuff for you.

With this chapter finished, what musical adventures lay ahead? The only way to find out is to keep reading this blog. Thanks again for all of your support, and as always, expect great things.

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