Sunday, June 5, 2011

OMG.... More music then ever before!!!!

There is always something new going on at the headquarters of Kinagree-Smith and I feel duty bound to share at least the interesting things with you.

As you are all aware, Kinagree-Smith are an INTERNET SENSATION, and have been playing shows online for a few months now giving late adopters reason to make the leap. It's been fun, it's been amazing and it's been musical. But before there was an Kinagree-Smith, Zorch and Lexie were tearing up the INTERNET with their own brand of musical anarchy.

When we started playing as Kinagree-Smith we figured we would leave the Solo stuff behind us as it would be very unwise to compete with ourselves. Several of the fans were not happy with this decision, and it's those very fans that will be delighted with our current decision.

Lexie and Zorch will now be playing solo shows online again. We have changed our minds for several reasons and let me share them with you.

The first and most important reason, the fans want it.

The second reason is because there are great songs we do as solo artist that would be suspect as Kinagree-Smith songs. Yes, we could play them as a duo, but it would be a compromise. The songs we've forged into the Kinagree-Smith sound, are in no way compromised, and stand as an example of great musical fusion. Instead of letting these songs lay fallow, we'll pick them up and present them anew as solo performances.

The third reason is simple logistics. While Lexie and I do live in the same city, we don't live in the same house. Lexie also has a personal/family life that requires her attention, so there are many hours Zorch just sits around doing nothing when I would rather be playing music. If Zorch is going to do Solo shows it's only fair that Lexie does some as well. Beyond the logistical aspect, we do want to provide the music our supporters want to hear.

As for Kinagree-Smith, we are still very committed to the band, and will probably be playing as many shows on line as we can.

So the upshot is, if you are a Kinagree-Smith fan, a Lexie fan or a Zorch fan, your musical needs will be bountifully met.

Things are looking up, and as always, expect great things.

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