Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The sound of bubble gum and bailing wire... RECORDING

Well time for an update. You may wonder why it's time for an update well let me tell you why. I have a few moments of free time... so I spend it updating.

The Improvised studio in the REALLY BIG HOUSE

I'm always impressed when a recording sounds good. I'm even more impressed when the recording is made with serious gaps in the technology spectrum. Lexie and I have been squeaking in a few hours here and there on this project, but last night we got an astounding amount of work done with Tracking.

Speaking of Tracking, I'm going to be using a lot of recording mumbojumbo during this entry. If you get lost, just smile and nod and wait till I start talking English again.

We've already got eight of the ten songs tracked and have already sent a message off to our drummer to see if he is available this weekend.

We are doing this recording is a very unusual way. We are recording the guitars to a drum loop so we keep in time (we don't seem to be able to play to just a click track) so everything is nice and tight. Then we are going to go over to visit Chris (our drummer buddy) and have him record his drums on separate tracks.


Noma Falta has a mix of the songs and is working in her studio in Atlanta Georgia to lay down some very Smexy bass tracks. She'll export just her bass track and send them via the inter-web to us to be imported into our Digital Audio Workstation.

The end result should be amazing simply because all the musicians involved are top drawer. And while the method is unconventional, I feel the music we play is kind of unconventional as well. It's almost serendipitous.

Last night Lexie and I got several hours of uninterrupted work done, and got an amazing amount accomplished. I'm very confident the recording will be quite ready come the May 1st release date and will be available as a digital download.

When is the CD coming out? Your guess is as good as mine, but we don't have the money at the moment to make that happen. While in the past I didn't think having an actual CD was important, now it is quite important. We are playing Live and at Live shows people want the CD if they are interested in the music at all. Of course those that line up at the download spout will be the first to taste the fruits of our labor unless some significant financial windfall occurs.

We do need one other thing and it doesn't require money at all. We could probably do it ourselves, but why should we do all the work.

Name that CD!!!!

I remember once there was an album called, “You bought it, you name it”. If that title was not already used, I would put it on the top of my list. But while I can't use it as a title, I can use it as pure inspiration.

While you haven't yet bought our recording... because you can't just yet, you can still have a hand in naming it.

We are having a contest. Suggest a title and if we choose to use it, you'll get a free download and a free copy of the CD when it does come out.

We are looking for something interesting. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the songs, or Kinagree-Smith. Just be random.


The gregarious tortuous incident
I'm wearing clean underwear... just in case
Yes we do have a lot of nerve
Your mother liked it
Buy this CD, we need to purchase Lottery tickets
Honey Badger don't care
way too late to cut our losses now
Check one:Curious/Know better

Go wild, go crazy, embrace your inner muse and you may win. There are NO runners ups or honorable mentions. It's all or nothing,you may win BIG!!!!! Not only will you be winning free music, but a spot in recording history.

No cost to enter, just submit a title suggestion on the comment section and make sure we have a way to contact you if you win.

By the way, what's on the menu?

You may be wondering what song are going to be on the first history making Kinagree-Smith release. Well wonder no more.

Sweet Taste of Home
I Could Get Use to You
Mo Anam Cara
Are You Really That Good
So Into You
Your Words
Oscar (Find Love)
You Can Trust the One You Love
Think of You
The Harper Dongal

Ten songs that will set the bar higher until the Next Kinagree-Smith release.

We are working hard, and doing so because of your amazing support. Thank you all so much and as always... Expect great things.


  1. Make the Mind Boggle!

    Crash-In Through Pixels!

    Reading the Fine Print!

    SIMASYOYTT!!!! Or Not!

    Saving Lives-One CD at a time!

    Unconditional Tunes!!

    I could go on with this . one of my favorite things to do. Just couldn't resist..Love you two..smooches

  2. Okay, what does SIMASYOYTT mean?