Saturday, April 16, 2011

Name the CD contest continues, the longest Tuesday ever and ROCK SUMMIT

Name the CD …. Please

Some might view our name the CD contest as a lame promotion, but just between you and I, we could really, really, REALLY use a good tile for this project. Remember the title of a CD is the firm handshake of the music. It says “Hello there, aren't I interesting? Don't you want to get to know me better”?

So far we have one entrant in this contest, and they aren't really interested in winning it, they just like the idea of naming the CD. Her suggestions are good, but I would like a few more prospective titles to choose from.

The prize, a Copy of the yet untitled CD when it comes out, and a spot in music history as the person that came up with the title of Kinagree-Smith's debut recording effort.

We are however changing the participation methodology a bit. Before you had to post your suggestions to the blog to participate, however, I've noticed when I share the blog to Facebook, it gets more comments then the blog does. So in effect, we are going where people are participating.

So feel free to suggest some title and feel free to share this with your all Facebook chums. We are looking for that magic combination of words that simply spark interest. The more random the better.

Check out some live tracks at our Reverb Nation page.

Kinagree-Smith VS the longest Tuesday ever

Man Tuesday was a crazy busy. Keep in mind we are still doing massive amounts of work on our recording, but Tuesday we kicked it live big time. We started out with a Live Show at PT's Philadelphia house in north/east Philadelphia. This was a show we got an invitation to while Playing Kenn Kweders's Nuclear Hootenanny a few Mondays back.

When we got there, serendipity provided us another chance to hang out with Ira Norman Segall, whom just happened to have a hand drum in the trunk of his car. So we got to jam a bit with Ira during our set.

We did set up the video camera, but got less then two minutes of video before the battery died. Note to self... makes sure the batteries are charged before you go to a show.

After a blistering set with questionable sound (we are having issues with this every time we have somebody running sound) we scampered out the door to play three online shows in 5 hours. This took our Tuesday into the wee hours of Wednesday and while it was hump day... we were way to tired to hump.

We are keeping it real, getting out there and grinding the pavement both online and offline. Now if only we could book a few more shows.


Club Blue Twilight has always been good to us. We love Perilynn and wanted to do something special for her. Noma has been talking for a while about doing a double stream show with Lexie and I, and we thought it would be a treat for Perilynn if we had this show at her venue.

After about an hour of figuring out what we were going to play, we started spreading the word about the impending ROCK SUMMIT show.

During the show, we checked the map and saw there were 47 Avatars making the scene, which I'm pretty sure is the biggest show ever at Club Blue Twilight.

The show could have used a bit more polish musically, but was a massive good time for all involved.

Summing it all up, a Good show with Good friends, held at a venue that has been so supportive to Lexie and I. It was so much fun, we started talking about what we were going to do the at the next ROCK SUMMIT.

In other News....

Sean Kagalis (AKA Strum Diesel) sent Lexie and I a full copy of his new CD “Songs from the New Depression”. We didn't expect this and I'm guessing he did this as a courtesy for us participating in virtual choir on the song “All belongs”. If that is the case, I'm glad we did participate, it's freaking brilliant. I'm going to ask him for info about where you can get your hands on a copy because if you miss out of this work, you are going to die with regrets.

Sean is an amazing lyricist, with a distinct poetic voice. A vocalist that breathes life into the emotional content of his material, and an remarkable musician. He approaches recording much as an artist approaches a canvas and as such, earns the monicker “Recording Artist”.

This recording has a sound that is as unique as Sean's music, and frankly I can't stop listening.

This is a fully realized work of an artist with a lot to say, there aren't many of them around. I would be remiss if I didn't recommend you give this a listen.

Links of Joy for "Songs from the New Depression"


  1. awww - thanks guys - yes I wanted you two to hear it. Thanks for the kind words! I'll try to think of some names.

  2. Here are some titles I put together:

    Tribulations of the Troubadour
    Of Clockworks and Sandalwood
    Precipice of Utopia
    Forgotten Prophecies