Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Name the CD contest heats up, Pump up the BASS, and I'm still not Internet gay for POL Arida

Words cannot convey the level of wackiness going on at the REALLY BIG HOUSE, but I'll try and provide you a glimpse into the bedlam.

The Prize is still up for grabs

Our “Name the CD” contest is relatively heating up. We have a few entrants submissions to choose from but frankly... we were expecting a bit more input. We aren't just looking for something “Spiffy”, we are shooting for “SUPER DUPER SPIFFY”.

We are currently accepting submissions via this Blog on the comment section, our respective FaceBook pages, and in Second Life via Note cards.

I must confess to being a trifle uncomfortable. In the past I've had the project title and art work ready before I recorded the first song, and while we have numerous submissions to choose from, I'm still not seeing that magic combination of Nouns and verbs that make the perfect title for a debut recording effort.

So the prize is still up for grabs. Name our CD... Please. The prize is a free copy of the CD, and your own personal footnote in the annals of music history.

Submit a title suggestion on the comment section of this Blog. It's just that easy.


We are constructing this recording in a very unusual way. We are laying down the Guitars and space holder vocals and then dubbing in the bass and drums later. In most cases, the Drum and Bass are job one. We aren't doing this to be recording mavericks, but because we really can't be in the same room with those involved.

In theory, this should be a train wreck, and I have been at times a bit apprehensive. Doing something different the first time is always a bit scary. But we got some of Noma's bass tracks yesterday, and my level of apprehension dropped considerably.

To say “It worked” is to damn the results with faint praise. It works as well as if we were in the same room. The groove is intact, the tone is amazing and the musicianship is impeccable.

Noma is one of the grids premier Rock Vocalistas, and few even notice the fact she is a killer bass player. She's got the touch, the tone and the taste to make music history and I'm so glad she is part of this project.

I must confess, the way we are doing this keeps me on edge. In most cases, things are tracked and somewhat mixed. I have a title, art work and an overview of what the end product will sound like. At this point we have a few of the key elements and I'm hoping the participation of other musical minds kicks this project up a notch or two.

Wednesday night we are suppose to go to Chris's house and record the drums, so perhaps Thursday I'll be a tower of confidence. But at the moment I'm trusting faith this will turn out GREAT... and I'm not good at faith.

But if Chris's tracks are half as good as Noma's bass tracks this recording will be EPIC.

The Radio show

We do have a Radio show due to launch on RADAR Radio the same day out as of yet untitled CD is released. We do want this Radio show to be at least as good at the recording we are releasing, so with that in mind we did our first interview today with Iconic Singer/Songwriter POL Arida. It was, to say the least, a far reaching interview that might have to be serialized. We talked for an hour and 15 minuets and the show is only an hour long.

Of course if we cut out all the cussing and sexually explicit parts it might only be four minuets long.

We are trying to be Sean Kagalis (AKA Strum Diesel) to drop by and talk about his new release, “Songs from the new depression”.

We might also get a few choice words with Noma Falta about her participation in the yet to be named upcoming Kinagree-Smith release, and the future of “THE SUMMIT OF ROCK” shows.

Should be a banging first show, and for those of you wondering, at this point the radio show is called, “The Kinagree-Smith have nothing better to do show”. Hey we had to call it something.

Once again, I thank you all for your support, and expect great things.


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    Internet Gay
    Zexie and Lorch

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    The Goal
    Find Love