Monday, April 25, 2011

The contest for “Name the CD” rages on, Recording mania takes it's toll, and people are made aware of.... Music

Sleep deprived and on a recording bender, I take a moment to incoherently babble on the blog so you my dear readers can remain... In Da Loop.

Time is running out to “Name the CD”

In the grand tradition of Linden Labs, we are changing the rules of the game. Seem letting this “Name the CD” contest run till the day before the release could cause serious problems, so the deadline for title suggestions is now, Wednesday the 27th of April.

When we first started this contest, there were not a lot of people in the running and frankly, we didn't hear anything that really got us excited. We do appreciate the participation, but in the words of the Immortal Mr. T, “The winner has to win.... Sucka”.

Well, I did add the “Sucka” part, but it sounds more like Mr. T that way I think.

Things started out slow, but since then, the masters of CD naming have stepped up. We actually have a whole bunch of titles we could use, but much like the Highlander movie, There can be only ONE. That ONE title must cut off the heads of all the other... wait.... that ONE title must be “The Best Title” for our project.

This title will sit forever at the front of the Kinagree-Smith Discography, so it's gotta be perfect.

Recording is a drug

Now if you aren't a musician, or are one, and have never recorded, let me tell ya, it's some potent stuff. It's freakishly addictive, and with all the new tools just about anything you can imagine you can create.

Lexie and I have spent three days in Chris Gately's wicked cool basement recording the drum tracks for our upcoming project, and let me tell you, Chris does have a very very cool basement. The sights I've seen, the equipment he own is AMAZING. I wish we could have done the whole project there, but he would probably charge us for that, and just between you and I, we can hardly afford to pay attention.

Chris laid down some very tasty drum tracks and locked solid with the bass tracks sent in from our dear friend and Internet RAWK STAR, Noma Falta. It was so tight and tasty... we had to re-record our guitar tracks to get them right.

Yeah, it's a lot of work and we are doubling our work load, but the end result is fantastic. This recording is shaping up, and we are more then confident we'll have it ready to roll come May Day.

Speaking of guest musicians, we do have one song that screamed for a Bodhran part. So I contacted fellow Internet music icon Senjata Witt and asked her if she could help us out. She said she would try her best and she sent us some smoking hot Bodhran bashing to start off the CD. Seems her best is freaking amazing.

While juggling the logistics of this project have been a challenge, I've gotta tell you, it's paying off. The tracks breath, and bleed fresh musical ideas. A great song is the foundation, but the assistance of our fellow musicians has given this project a real kick in the pants. We aren't just kicking it up a notch, we are kicking it up... maybe a notch and a half. Perhaps two notches.

There has been talk about the next project already (a very good sign).,and it's been suggested we don't set a release date until the recording is actually done. I can see the wisdom behind this, but let me assure you, we are not cutting corners to make the due date. We are simply working as many hours a day as we can. Sleep is becoming a distant memory, but that is okay.

I'm hooked on the creative process and I feel so stoked. The mania is setting in, and there is always one more thing I can do before I go to sleep. Yes the pressure is on, but the pressure adds to the excitement.

Perhaps we will be “Older and Wiser” next time. But for now, I'm having the time of my life carving out a bit of artistic history. Heck, we don't even know what this recording will be called when it's done. But I do have enough finished that I can see what the project will sound like when it's done and I'm very please.

An interesting accidental foot note. When planning out this recording, we wanted to do a basic “Greatest Hits” kind of recording. We wanted to put ten of our most accessible songs on this debut. We really didn't pay any attention to whom wrote what. But when the smoke cleared, five of the songs were Lexie's and five of the songs were mine.

In the end, we came up with ten songs and I feel each one is a hit.

What are you listening to???

This morning we played the big “MUSIC AWARENESS SHOW”. I was quite surprised that so many people were unaware of music. What are they listening to anyway? A dentist drill? The toilet flushing? The sound they make when they get up from a chair?

I'm glad that Kinagree-Smith could do it's part to make people aware of music. Perhaps someday it will catch on.


More recording and there are rumors we are heading over to the Green Rock to play a few tunes Live on Stage with our buddy Ira. Should be fun.

For now... I've got recording to do. Thanks for all the support good friends, and expect great things.

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