Sunday, April 10, 2011

The buck wild naked weekend update!!!!

I find when you says something is both buck wild and naked it becomes instantly more interesting. This is what you call journalism.


Friday, Lexie and I played the Isle of Wyrms spring fest. I love playing the IOW festivals because they are a community that embraces Dragon themed role play, and while I'm not personally into any kind of role play, I do enjoy the display of Dragon kind. As a matter of fact, I get downright distracted by it. In my mind, it's kind of like playing a show at the Macy's day parade, and the Dragons are like the big balloons that take your breath away.

I can't really tell you if we played a good show or not... I was distracted. But the Dragons in attendance seemed to have a good time.

Pass the Mic with Noma

One of the more curious friendships on second life has gotta be the one we share with Noma Falta.

In theory, she is suppose to be some kind of diva rock star, but that is just bullshit. Noma is one of the most real people I know on Second Life. She loves music and doesn't really play “The Game”. She is a brilliant vocalist, amazing musician, and a wicked cool human being. The fact she hangs out with cult status musical geniuses like Kinagree-Smith says a lot about where her interest lay.

We hope to double stream with Noma sometime soon, and have always wanted to do something with her, and Friday night we got that horse out of the barn with a very informal pass the mic show. The show wasn't listed in “Live music events”, so the only people in attendance were from our group or Noma's group.

The size of the crowd was by Noma's standards kind of small, but Lexie and I were quite pleased. Lexie and I did a few Solo songs, Noma did some of her acoustic stuff. Towards the end of the night, Lexie and I went back to Kinagree-Smith Mode and played until Lexie got tired... then I carried on for another half an hour.

It was a good show, and more to the point a fun show. Sometimes we just gotta get back to the music, get back to the fun and leave all the calculated career stuff behind.

Saturday BOOM

I don't know if you ever look at the Kinagree-Smith calendar, but we play a goodly number of shows. This Saturday featured three one hour shows in a five hour period. That is a lot of hard work when you consider about a half hour before show time we start promoting the next show via notices and good old fashion SPAM.

Considering the density of the cluster of shows, the turn out was pretty good. I can't even figure out why the attendance was so good considering the number of other shows going on concurrently with our shows.

Of course, us playing a lot of shows in a short time isn't news, even if they are well attended. What is news is for the first time we made a promotional push to get people outside of the grid proper to attend the show via our web site streamer. All three shows were promoted (a habit I need to develop), and we did have people logging in to listen.

In the big picture, this is significant. Our goal is to promote our music however we can with whatever resources our meager budget can afford. We are busting ass on the Grid, we are playing live shows offline, and now we are bridging the gap between the two points.

The proof of the pudding is comments left on Facebook. While few in number, they were quite significant. Any promotion that effects an action taken by a listener is quite an accomplishment, and I'm of the opinion that Kinagree-Smith doesn't have to do much more then get their show in front of listeners to promote our music.

As I write this it's Sunday. Lexie has the day off, this means... she won't be in until later in the evening. I'll be spending the day recording and maybe checking out the Movie magic that is suppose to take place today. We really do pursue our goals daily, and the level of commitment to our music is “All in”. We do it because we love it and we have an unshakeable belief in our music.

As profound as our commitment may be, we are bolstered by the support of our network of friends.

Thank you all. You officially RAWK.

I'm going to spend most of today recording. We've got a lot of work to do in order to be ready for our May 1st release date.

Once again, expect great things.

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  1. You, Lexie and Noma are three of my most favorite performers in Second Life. PERIOD!!!