Friday, April 8, 2011

Catching up and some important news

So much has happened in the last few days I need to write a catch up blog. Ready, steady, GO!!!!

I survived the Nuclear Hootenanny and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Monday Night, The Lexster and myself attend Kenn Kweders's Nuclear Hootenanny. This is somewhat like and Open Mic, but Kenn... yes with two “N”s (indicating his massive Ken-osity) hosts the event. Now for those of you living under a rock in Philadelphia, Kenn is kind of a Philly Rock Legend and all the cool people in the city of brotherly love were in attendance. How could we NOT go? It's also about a five minute drive from the REALLY BIG HOUSE, so it seemed like a good scene to make.

You may be thinking, “Hey I don't know anybody in Philly sept for Jack and Lexie”, but if you read this blog (and yes, I can see you doing it right now) you know about our beloved Uncle Al. Now we didn't make plans to hang with Uncle Al but since he was there, we all had a beer and sat down for some yummy music.

If I may be so bold, one thing that seems to set Kenn's shindig apart from most open mics, is the crazy talent that shows up. And because the gifted are gathered, a lot of local music biz types are hanging out as well... like Uncle Al. While I listened mouth agape, Lexie was doing what she does so well and networking like unto a lean mean schmoozing machine.

Now I'm not bragging, but what we do seems very different from what most the other very talented acts were doing, so Lexie was able to turn a good show into a few more good shows down the line. I love it when networking pays off. We sure did make a fist full of new friends, and now people that know people that know people kind of know whom we are.

Kind of.

We are so busy it's no wonder we never get anything done.

Get Well Enchantress

I'm sending out positive energy to our Dear fiend Enchantress, whom underwent some surgery and is now in the recovery stage. Things aren't the same without you darlin, get well soon.

Kinagree-Smith RAWK Phoenixville

Wednesday night we took a road trip to the good town of Phoenixville to spread the gospel of Celtic/American folk rock. PJ's Underground is the basement of an actual swanky upscale restaurant, and while it's just one flight of stairs away from the people that have 401k plans, it's about a funky as it gets. And I do mean funky in a very good way. How good you may ask? Well suffice it to say they have Guinness on tap, and the band gets two dollar drafts all night long. The tab at the end of the night was 20 bucks and Lexie had two Guniness'es so do the math.

I was ready to set up a cot behind the bar, but we have music to play and some level of ROCKSTARDOM to attain, so perhaps when I retire I can set up a cot behind the bar at PJ's Underground.

It's good to have a plan.

Did we RAWK Phoenixville? I ask the question rhetorical, because you can find us by following the trail of RAWKED bodies we leave behind us.

While the sound, monitor wise was a challenge (on the brink of feedback), the sound out front was pretty good. And while most performers would let the monitor situation distract the heck out of them, Lexie and I have played so many shows it didn't really detract from the performance. My personal biggest problem was the lack of lighting. How dark was it? Well it was “Inside of a cat” dark, and please don't ask me how I know how dark it is inside of a cat, let's just move on.

We RAWKED, we drank, we learned to see in the dark, and the chicks in Phoenixville are freaking hot. Not that I could see them, but I could feel their estrogen fueled heat in the inky blackness.

Blanko Dave opened the show, then we played and then the Headliners "Elk Dog", or as I like to call them ELK DOG !!!!!!!!!!!! (big Reverb tail).

These guys are BIG in Phoenixville, and that is probably the only place they are big. But if the world rewarded talent instead of willingness to suck “THE MAN'S” dick, They would be bigger then Elvis. And when I say bigger then Elvis, I don't mean fatter then Elvis.

They call what they do “Gypsy folk”, I call what they do freaking brilliant. They are very original, very talented, and down right personable. Their entire vibe comes from a very different place, but it invites you to come along for a very rewarding exotic trip.

Oddly, I think the blend of the Celtic influenced music we play, dovetailed quite neatly into their Iberian motif. While quite different, it was still kind of referential. There was a … dare I say it, a spiritual kinship in the music.

A very rewarding night of music. Of course I was in my happy place, after 8 pints of Guinness.

Hey, be cool and check out ELK DOG !!!!!!!!!

Big news (Drum roll please) MAY DAY, MAY DAY, MAY DAY !!!!!!!!

Okay for those of you on needles and pins wondering when the debut recording project of the already legendary (in our own minds, but you gotta start somewhere) Kinagree-Smith will come out, May 1st is the official release date for at least the digital download-able version. When the actual CD comes out is not so easy to predict. We need to earn a few more dollars before we can even think about that.

We do need a CD simply because real life shows are more about CD sales then download sales. But the format doesn't really matter to those that want it and want it bad.

But wait... there is more

Yet another reason to mark down May day on your calendar is this will be the debut of the Kinagree-Smith radio show on RADAR Radio. We talked about this a while back,and originally, we were going to try and make it a one hour show weekly. But we are a bit busy and if we did a weekly show, it would be kind of slip shod. So we are planing a once a month blow out with all kinds of interesting stuff.

Here is the deal. The first show will be on RADAR Radio for a month and also available on our website for play on demand. Next month, the show will only be at available on RADAR Radio, and then the following month, we'll have it available for play on demand at the site. In other words the show on the web site will end up being one month behind the most current show that will be featured on RADAR Radio. I hope that makes sense.

In other news....

We've also got an interesting video project in the works, some people have the details on this, but I'm going to keep them on the down low for now. The video in concept is simple, but accomplishing it requires a few tricks, and Lexie and I are in the experimentation stage figuring out how to go about it. It should prove, if in any way successful to be at least interesting. Possibly amusing.

So in conclusion...

We are working hard, planing big and thinking of our friends and supporters. You all RAWK, we love ya and as always... expect great things.

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  1. NO wonder im so exhausted . The truth is, its been so much fun, I "almost " feel guilty , but the hard work intercedes and reminds me yay we are so working. Great job on filling everyone in Jack. I couldn't have said it better which is why you are the blog god ! Justa sayin ....
    I miss hearing from our reading ... comment away I wanna know what your thinking these days....