Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Economy of support, every ear counts

Does anybody remember the end of “It's a wonderful life”. Henry Fonda's character is in a bad spot and figures “It's game over man... game over”.

Wait, that is another movie, but things do look bad for Henry Fonda, but his friends come and bail him out. He looks in to the camera and states, “I'm the richest man in Bedford falls”.

Now he didn't mean rich in money, he meant rich in friends, rich in community and yes, rich in support.

A few night back, Lexie was chatting with a mutual friend of ours whom commented, she didn't feel right coming to the shows because she was tight on cash and really could not afford to tip us. Lexie told her to come and not worry about tipping. Her attendance, support and attention was reward enough.

Now I feel I should add, yes, tips are important and if you can tip us, Great, if you can afford a big tip, Wooohoo. But just between you and I, Lexie and I don't do this for the tips. We do it for the music, and for the people that love our music.

And while money helps with rent and food, there is another economy, one in which we are pretty well off in. This is the economy of support. Yes, your participation in our musical adventures benefits us both.

Your support took us from middle of the pack to the top 25 on the Philadelphia Folk Artist charts, racked up over a thousand music plays and over a thousand video plays. Our fan base grows because so many of you are willing to start a “Listener account” at Reverb Nation. You, while small in numbers are so very active, you make us seem to be “THE NEXT BIG THING”. And while we are very aware we are not the next big thing, we do appreciate the support that gets us that little extra attention.

Good, bad, or unremarkable, we live in an age where promotion is extremely important. As independent artist we have very limited resources with which to promote ourselves, and the Internet is a veritable cacophony of hammers all ringing out PAY ATTENION TO ME. While it makes a thunderous din, the only things that can really compete with it, is the simple whisper, “I like this music maybe you should check it out”.

As far as promotion goes, your depth of you participation with our musical adventures makes all the difference. As the world at large looks at things, the opinion of a music fan is 100 fold more valuable then that of the artist when judging their own work., and more to the point, the world at large seems to be more interested in what is popular (or seemingly popular) then what is actually good.

It's the small actions that make a HUGE difference in the promotion war... and yes it is a war. As a matter of fact, allow me to make a short list of small actions that you can do that make a big difference.

Each one will cost you less then five minute of time to complete and when you consider the effort expended compared to the benefit gained, I think you'll see my point.

Join our Reverb Nation fan roster

Post a comment on Reverb Nation

If you have a blog or web site, consider posting a widget.

If you have a music blog write about Kinagree-Smith. We suggest this not only because of the promotional value of the article, but in the larger sense it gives us press, and we can quote press.

If you are one of our Facebook friends, please share any relevant post we make about events, activities or updates.

Facebook fans can “Like” the Reverb nation page, or any post we make as well.

Become a follower of the Blog. This not only ups our readership numbers, but it post the blog in your profile.

By just clicking the “Share to Facebook” Icon on Reverb Nation, you'll post a song widget to Facebook.

The official Kinagree-Smith web site currently has a calendar of shows and a streaming device that allows people to listen in on live shows. Feel free to share the page with your friends that don't even know about music on the grid. Here is the link

Add a link to the web site and or the blog to your signature on your emails or forum post.

Subscribe to the “Zorchboom” YouTube channel.

I could go on, but I don't want to even pretend to be presenting a comprehensive list of small acts that make a big difference, and frankly, I didn't think this stuff up, these are actions others have already taken to benefit our promotional efforts. I thank those that have shown such amazing support and only hope others choose to contribute to our mutual efforts.

And now I get to the real point of this entry. This next supportive actions requires a greater amount of time then the others, an hour to be exact but this is probably the most important thing you can do to assist our efforts.

Attend our shows when you can. Don't worry about tips because a full venue of supporters is better then a few supporters that can afford to tip. Remember, the appearance of popularity is gosh darn important, so if you love the music we do, come on down and listen all you want. There is of course no obligation, but when you want to listen, don't sweat the tips.

I feel I should mention, yes we love tips, we love them big and wobbly, but as I said at the outset, we are here to provide music for people that love what we do.

I sincerely believe that Kinagree-Smith will one day be popular enough (and I mean actually popular, not seemly popular) to draw 40-50-60 people to an online show. At that point many venues will be happy to pay us ridiculous fees. So in the long run we all win. We get the music, the fun, the community and Kinagree-Smith will get to eat.

But great things start with small actions. Thank you for your support and please do continue to expect great things.

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