Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wide awake and moving toward the top

Most of the time there is a blog when you get up in the morning. I make a point to write about the days events at the “End of business”. Yesterday business ended very abruptly. I think you've noticed how busy Lexie and I have been, and after the last show of the day, I took a nap. A really long nap. I think some people call it sleeping... not sure.

Only 24 more positions until we are #1

Today's charts show we have ascended to the #25 position on the Philadelphia Folk Artist chart. Once again the support of our small but active fan-base has moved us closer to the top. I feel I should comment, I don't see this as some profound comment on the abilities of Kinagree-Smith, but rather a reflection of the kind of support we get from our friends.

This support is inspiring, and is the main reason we work so hard in the back ground. You have placed us in a position that affords us opportunities and we are doing our best to make the most of them.

Thank you all so very much. You all RAWK.

The Listener of the week is.....

Pause for dramatic effect........... Nyx Lafever.

Not only is she the listener of the day, and the listener of the week. She has the most listens of anybody (187 plays according to Reverb Nation). Who is in second place? Kinagree-Smith. She actually makes a point to listen everyday.

Thanks Nyx.

March 16 2011, Zorch's Rez day

On the above mentioned date, I will have been performing in Second Life for three years. During that time, I've released a good deal of material. Most of you have at least one of my MP3 collections, and some of you have darn near all of them.

But I do have something special planned. It's not a big secret but on March 16th I'm going to make available the full Zorch Catalog as one download. This will include even collections that have been officially deleted from the catalog.

Now I feel I should mention, I've always had a problem managing my full catalog as a marketing venture. Just carrying vendors to shows to make this stuff available would have been a logistical nightmare, and frankly it would overwhelm anybody even considering a purchase. Let me list all the releases that have come out in the last two years and some odd months.

Get Zorched
Black and White
White and Black
Songs in the Key of Green
The Sound of Red
Mantled in a deeper shade of Blue
Show 507 LIVE
Story and Song Volume One
Shadow and Light
Ashes and Dreams
Me and My Monkey
Emotion and Reason

that is 12 releases in less then 36 months.

I'm taking a moment to wrap my mind around that. Wow.

But wait... there may be more. Somebody asked in the comments section, “What about “Love Songs, Hate Songs, In Between”. I feel I should comment only a hardcore fan would know about that collection.

The Story behind “Love Songs, Hate Songs, In Between”, is I use to be in a band called “Dangerous fun” and we released a CD “Love Songs, Hate Songs, In Between”, Shortly after the release the drummer quit, so I had a bunch of songs I couldn't really market. I did post it for sale in world as “Zorch Boomhauer with Dangerous fun” And it really didn't connect. We referred to the sound of the band as “Roots Rock country fried Soul”, and when you are playing in South Carolina, it doesn't hurt to Twang a bit.

I don't think people interested in the Zorch Catalog would want to invest the time to add this to their downloading burden. But... I'm considering placing a link in the notes for the release that people could download it from for free. I'm also considering adding a “Disposable Art Project” retrospective as an optional link.

Today is the 10th of March, only six days to release date. I'm not planning a release party, or a rez party. I better get cracking.

The one commenter on this also mentioned they didn't care for the name. “The full Magilla”. So the new working title is, “Zorch:Outside the box (A box collection without a box)”.

Single collections will still be available for download at the web site, and I frankly don't know how many people would be interested in such a collection. But it needs to be available, this is the final chapter of the Zorch Recording Legacy.

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