Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kind of a slow news day

Only 26 slots away from #1 on the charts, Widget-Palooza is unleashed, The great Cherry Hill mining disaster and Icon magazine is out

Well this is what passes for a slow news day around here.

Still # 27 on the Philadelphia Folk artist charts !!!!

Yes we are hanging tough thanks to your amazing support. While some might see this as a stall, I see it as a dramatic pause. I'm sure we'll be top 10 tomorrow morning.

Kinagree-Smith street team activate... form... WIDGET-PALOOZA

Reverb Nation does have a “Street team” feature and we've had people already volunteer to be part of our guerrilla marketing team. Street teams get Mission, and the person that is most successful carrying out this mission wins a prize.

The Mission: Widget-Palooza

Simply copy and past the code for one of our widgets on any web page, blog, forum post signature, or any of the many Social networks that support one click sharing.

It's simple and with a little creativity you can really shine.

For those of you computer savvy, any place you can put HTML code, you can embed a widget. Hell even on your emails to friends... and people you don't even like.

The prize: The T-shirt of your choice from the Kinagree-Smith Reverb Nation online store.

It's easy, fun and somebody has to win. It could be you.

I've been to Cherry Hill New Jersey and lived to tell the tale

A good friend of Lexie's, Chuck Darrow invited us to come play a few songs at a show he was doing. It was at a bar called “Dublin Square” and the place was MOBBED. It was not only crowded but noisy as heck. I don't mean the band, I mean the crowd. Ear splitting noisy. You really could not hear the musicians unless you were standing less then ten feet away.

Chuck was playing bass in two different acts. One was a pop cover band, and the other was his long standing duo called Nitrous (well actually Nytrous, with the Kewl spelling). The pop band was very poppy, and while Lexie's been exposed to Nytrous for years, this was my first time. They had cool energy... and I say that because I could not really hear them... but I could indeed feel them.

When Lexie and I got up to play I said “Okay everybody shut up we are going to play now”. Hey, sometimes you just gotta ask. We played two songs and blew the slightly less noisy crowd away.

We didn't get any video of the show. We did bring the camera, but it was as dark as the inside of a cat in there, so not very conducive to shooting videos.

Icon Magazine is out with a story about our Cartoon Alter egos

Yeah it's buried way in the back, and they don't even mention the story on the cover (gotta be an oversight). But our interview in Icon Magazine is out.

We've sent copies to all our respective groups, and if you don't belong to one of them.... what is wrong with you? I'm sure you can find Icon Magazine somewhere in world, so grab a copy and learn all about Lexie and Zorch.

Learn my children. Learn like the wind.

All and all a fun night, and a good end to a slow news day.

Slow for us at least.

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