Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We are here to Kick butt and chew gum... and we've got plenty of gum let me tell ya

I could say Lexie and I have been busy today, but that would not be accurate, we have been Biz-Zay. That equates to a full legion of mutant busy beavers busy. If we were bees, we would be buzzy biz-zay, and suffice it to say, it's late, I'm tired and a bit punchy. If I were hungry I would have the punchy munchies, but perhaps I digress.

We're #47... we're # 47....

Yeah I know it's not quite as chant-able as “We're #1”, but it is wicked cool to be listed among the Top 50 Philadelphia Folk artist. Of course we owe every bit of our meteoric rise to the efforts and support of our friends. Thank you all, your support really does inspire us, and that is why we were so very busy today.

Welcome new Reverb Nation Fans

We've had a few new additions to are Reverb Nation family. Welcome Pretz Coleslaw, Aprille Twine and The Bluff's Center for the Arts (I'm pretty sure this is PreSoul). Thank you for the support.

New Bio... well... we didn't really have a bio until today, so it's our only Bio

One item lacking on our Reverb Nation page was a bio. I can never really get behind writing one. If you think it's easy, try writing a summery of your life in under 2000 characters. Be sure you get all the important information in there and keep it readable.

My dear old friend E.J. Swain, former columnist for Slyers and nails whipped this one up. And when I say “Whipped” I mean wiki wiki fast. I think it's pretty good, but then... I didn't want to write one myself. You might want to drop by the Kinagree Smith Reverb Nation page and check it out.

Lexie and I are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby Domain name

Our dear friend Sally offered to help us with a web site, so the least we could do is secure the domain name. The Domain kinagreesmith.com is now live, and if you go there you'll see our “Under construction” Page. While that seems kind of pointless to visit... remember you can bookmark it now and come back later when Sally has something cool for you to check out.

Just another Mom and Pop store... on the internet

We've just posted a new t-shirt in our Reverb Nation shop which I feel is pretty swanky and elegant. It features the Kinagree-Smith logo, the tag line and URL for our future web site. It could well be the best Kinagree Smith shirt ever posted for sale on the interweb.

Not like I'm hung up on the whole completion thing... but...

There is a check list of things you should fill out for your Reverb Nation page to be “Complete”. The list of things are now 100% done. We are ready to take over the music world and with your support... we just might do it.

Anybody need some live music???

After our forced hiatus from performing on Second Life, our March calendar is a little sparse. If anybody knows of any venues needing a little live music assistance, please tell them to look us up. Or tell us who they are and we'll look them up. Thanks.

After I post this and send a notice to my Facebook friends I'm going to fall over in a heap.

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