Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our supporters crash the top 40, comments and attentive listeners

Top 40.... oh yeah

Yesterday we surged into the top 50 in the Philadelphia folk charts, and today, much to my chagrin we've managed to find a spot in the top 40. For those of you keeping score at home, we are #38 in the Philadelphia Folk charts and we owe it all to the support of our dear friends. Thank you much, support still RAWKS.

Hey, look a comment section. I didn't notice until somebody used it

Today we received our first comment in the comment section of our Reverb Nation page. Thanks much Starl1ght for breaking the seal on the comment section, making sure it's fully functional, operational and OSHA approved.

(Drum roll please) The Listener of the week

Of course we do appreciate every interaction you have with our Reverb Nation page, and I do tend to obsess over the numbers. But this is not some OCD issue. Reverb Nation is kind of the boiler room to our online presence. It give venue operator in the real world a way to find out if we are effectively working the promotion of our musical adventure.

Simply stated, it's not just bulk numbers, but rather the amount of interaction you have with your fan base. You might have 10,000 friend on MySpace, but the level of interaction with them is minimal at best.

On Reverb Nation, it's a matter of trending. So if you have a small but active fan base it does better then a HUGE motionless mass of friends on MySpace. You good readers are our small but active fan base and that is why we keep trending upward.

I'm not saying you can make us famous, because you can't. But you do open doors for us, and get people to take a listen.

Speaking of Listening. The Listener of the week is Nyx Lafevre with 34 plays. Thanks for the Support Nyx.

Speaking of opening doors

Today we booked at show at the “Legendary Dobbs”, a venue that is actually quite legendary in the Philadelphia Area, all the would be rock stars play there on their way to “Making it”.... or not. While we aren't trying to “Make it” as such, we are very excited to be playing such a prestigious venue. So at this point we are playing the Rotunda theater Sunday, and Legendary Dobbs in May. Not bad for a duo that is only 4 months old.

Your support matters

I can't thank you all enough because we would not be doing as well if we seemed to be a fallow field. You give us the impression of running a tight promotional campaign and that causes venue operators to stop and give us a listen.

We do book each show because the talent is there, but you give us the chance to shine. Thank you all so very much.

And Speaking of Support

Welcome new Reverb Nation fans Refici222 and Maia Chrome. Good to have you on the team.

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