Friday, March 4, 2011

March up the charts continues, cool swag, and...

What a crazy busy day. Lexie and I could probably use a break, but we'll sleep when we die I guess. Or maybe after rigor mortice makes working untenable.

Charts, cold hard unfeeling number mixed with LOVE

Your support has once again carried us further up the Philadelphia folk artist charts. As of this morning we are # 34. Up four positions from yesterday.

I've not mentioned this before, but the charts do scale up to both a National and Global level. I thought I might share them with you to illustrate just how competitive the Philadelphia Folk artist chart are.

In the Philadelphia area we are # 34 (+4 from yesterday)

Our National rank is #1972 (+ 276 from yesterday), and for the record we are top 2,000 in a country of over 300 million people. Not too shabby.

On the global scale our rank is #3142 (+ up 427 from yesterday). Being in the top 4,000 for the big blue marble (As a folk artist) is pretty good. And so far Reverb Nation only tracks earth bound musical acts.

Now part of the reason I'm bringing this up is because it's cool to be trending upward. But keep in mind, if I lived in “Turkey Leg North Dakota”, it would not be hard to be a Local #1, while trending downward (as in thousands of positions lower) in the national and global ratings.

Philadelphia is a hard market to scam. We are moving forward because of the support of our friends. I thank you all and I'm anxious to see how far up we can go before we run out of steam.

Kinagree-Smith Swag (or Merchandise)

Now I don't know if you are the kind of person that is into MERCH... but I dig it. If I had the money to blow I would have all kinds of Kinagree-Smith paraphernalia. With this in mind, I mention in passing the availability of T shirts at both our Reverb Nation store and our Zazzle Store.

Now you may wonder why we have two online MERCH shops.

Well the shirts at Reverb Nation are relatively cheap. And as a potential purchaser of such stuff, I would like to save a few bucks. However, the sizes only range up to XL and I'm a more then XL kind of guy. Many people are, I'm not saying they are fat... just big. The shirts at Zazzle are considerably more costly. But they offer a HUGE amount of customization and sizes. Say you need an XXL shirt with Long sleeves and want it blue... robins egg blue. You can get that at Zazzle. You can also get MERCH for your toddler, your Grandma and your Dog. Yes is cost more... but you have more choices. I'm told freedom isn't free, and Zazzle might be one of the things the terrorist hate about our freedom.

make custom gifts at Zazzle

But I digress. Suffice to say... we have plenty of Merchandise for you to demonstrate your good taste in music with.

Some of it cost more.

I need your opinion about something

Please feel free to leave a comment about the following.

I've come to the realization there will be no further Zorch Boomhauer MP3 collections released. It's not because I'm retiring or anything like that. But rather, I'm no longer going to be using the Avatar Name on my recorded efforts.

With this in mind, I could release a comprehensive retrospective of the Zorch Legacy. Or more to the point. “Zorch: The Full Magilla”.

The questions being, do you think anybody would want EVERYTHING from the Zorch Catalog?

I do intend to post all collections as available from the web site for purchase.

Allow me to list the full list (Minus the two previous retrospective which would be redundant)

Get Zorched
Black & White
White & Black
Songs in the Key of Green
The Sound of Red
Mantled in a deeper shade of blue (says “shades of blue” on the cover art, but the MP3 List the other name)
Story and Song volume one (the story behind some of the songs and of course the songs)
Shadow and Light
Ashes and Dreams
Me and My Monkey
Emotion and Reason

If I were to make all this material available, it would be out on 3/16/2011.... my third rez day in Second Life.

What do you think good idea or bad idea? And why?

Welcome New Fans

I would like to Welcome Elura to our Reverb Nation family of supporters. There were two bands that also added us as fans, Thanks Del Rio Band and Ignite Violet.

Nyx also posted a comment to our comment section so I think it's actually catching on now. Lexie and I both thank you for all your support.

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  1. Regarding a comprehensive retrospective "album"...

    I don't really care for the're not a hairy female gorilla! LOL

    If you were to offer such a collection, I'd purchase it. Although I have all of your mp3 collections, I'd insist on adding one more. I'm a fan & that's what fans do!!

    Will you be performing solo in Second Life anymore? If so, it wouldn't hurt to offer this type of collection instead of single "albums" for new fans. That opens a new can of worms though...the value of your music versus people's budgets. A collection of mp3s of that magnitude of greatness couldn't go for cheap!!

    What about "Love Songs, Hate Songs, In Between"? LOL