Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Support and Serendipity

Project "Recycle for the arts" a smashing success

Yesterday, I asked that anyone having a video camera they didn't use, considering sending it to us. A scant few hours later I received an Email from Pretz, one of the our reader, offering us a Kodak Zi6 HD pocket camcorder. Stuff like this blows me away. The support of our friends keeps us moving forward. When we ask for the tools to do the job, they help as best as they can.

One more fan

It might seem like a small thing, especially after gaining over 8,000 fans in one day. But it's not at all a small thing. Yesterday I mentioned that we were trying to break the top 50 on the Philadelphia Folk charts and any visits to our Reverb Nation site would help us improve our position. Yet another one of our readers answered the call. Nyx became a fan, and as far as charts go, fans are a very big deal indeed.

It's official, support RAWKS

Much thanks to Pretz and Nyx. Not only have you aided us in a journey of a 1,000 miles, but your interesting names drove my Spellchecker nuts.

Also much thanks to the readers of this blog, the people that book us for shows, the people that attend those shows, and everybody else that helps us keep on keeping on. You really do inspire us and when the going gets tough, we know you have our backs.

This is exciting, we should make a video of this

Tonight Lexie and I had a meeting with Ira Norman Segall

Ira is the president of Unipheye Music, a record producer/Engineer as well as a master percussionist. Ira heard our songs posted on “Reverb Nation” and was intrigued by the energy they had. We've been meaning to have a meet for a while but today finally got our face the face time.

Lexie and I brought our guitars over to Ira's house and let him hear us live. While he was intrigued by the recordings, the live performance pushed him over the edge. He was blown away and we are discussing making a recording with him.

However this recording will be very different from our past efforts. This would be an Audiophile live recording. Meaning if you have a great sound system it will be like you are in the same room with us. If you have a decent system it will sound amazing, and if you have a I-Pod it will sound... better then most the stuff you listen to on an I-Pod.

Because it is a LIVE recording in a studio environment, the energy becomes very important indeed. Nobody needs a crystal clear recording of a stiff lifeless performance. It's gotta breath, it's gotta live and you gotta FEEL it.

Now keep in mind, Audiophile recording is NOT what most pop recordings are. The most popular genre for Audiophile recordings is Classical music. Ira has a few string quartets in his catalog and the leads us to the next intriguing aspect of this recording.

Some of the songs may be recorded with a live string quartet. Or maybe some world style percussion. The vibe is going to be very live and very artistic. Who knows what kind of guest artist we may have joining in on the fun. And just between you and I, this would be a great project to make a video record of.

Frankly this project is in the imagination stage, but the possibilities to do something wicked cool are overwhelming. Both the interest and excitement are there right now. Lets see what comes of it. We've got the songs, we've got the talent, and Ira has the chops to make us sound like... well... how we really sound. And frankly, that has always been what I've been shooting for.

Permit me to take a moment to thank you all again for your support, and encourage you to expect great things.

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