Monday, February 28, 2011

Womyn fest, Musicians on call and re-cycling for the arts

Lots going on I thought I would keep you all.... “IN THE LOOP”.

The Wyld Womyn of Wongo

This Sunday (March 6th 2011) Lexie and I will be performing at Womyn fest. Womyn are kind of like women, but spelled all funky and kewl. It should be a pretty good show, we are playing the Rotunda Theater which would make this our first Theater show. Admission is free and it's all ages, so if you are anywhere near Philadelphia come on down. The show starts at 7 PM and it's FREE to get in.

Calling doctors Kinagree-Smith

No we aren't really doctors, we just play them on TV. But we do practice the healing art of music and have offered our services to WXPN's, “Musicians on call”. This is a volunteer effort to bring live music to those recovering in the hospital. So if you find yourself ill and are recovering in the city of brotherly love (that's Philadelphia for those of you playing at home) it's possible that Kinagree-Smith could show up at your bedside, guitars in hand and a song in our hearts.

We are #53 in the Philadelphia Folk charts

You may recall we were #52 the other day, and our goal is to break into the top 50. Your help is needed. Please take a moment to visit our Reverb Nation page and listen to a few songs or view a few videos. Remember just about any action on the page improves our numbers so please take a moment to help us crack the top 50.

Re-cycling for the arts

Lexie and I have been talking about doing some video work for a while and the major impediment seems to be we don't actually own a video camera. While trying to budget to buy one, we always seem to run out of money. Curse our need to eat almost everyday.

So we've come up with an idea. It's very possible that someone in our readership has a brand new video camera that is replacing a less impressive video camera they really have no further use for. If you happen to have a video camera laying about collecting dust, please contact me at and we'll find it a new home.

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