Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stuff is going on

Just a quick overview of the “Stuff” that is going on with the Internet's first Super Group, Kinagree-Smith.

Who says we are unmanageable?

After booking us for a while, our good friend Loegan had too many irons in the fire to really keep up with the demanding task of keeping us working... and trust me, it's harder then it looks.

We contacted our good friends... wait, great friends, Desiree and Sally from Surfside Hideaway and asked them to form the Kinagree-Smith management team. After much begging, crying and hours in the fetal position they consented (note we have no shame). So far they are doing an amazing job at getting things organized, which is something Lexie and I could never do.

Radio radio.

This week Kinagree-Smith were offered an online weekly radio show with Radar Radio. It should consist of Music, interviews, special segments. We haven't done it yet, but since everything we put our hand to prospers I'm expecting great things.

Hey if you don't have a healthy self-esteem you never do anything interesting.

I put on my frilly shirt and wax poetic.

The Literary magazine “Enertialcall” has approached me about publishing some of my lyrics as poetry in their magazine. Of course I agreed. Hey I've gotta establish my poet persona. This will give me an valid excuse to get “four sheets to the wind” every pay day. Speaking of pay day, my compensation for this submission is a free copy of Enertialcall. How could I say no? I have a paper and ink fetish and I think “A free copy” is the standard rate for any Literary magzine.

We put the ICON in ICON Magazine.

We've recently done an interview with ICON magazine, and I'm not sure how it will come out, but it's always nice to have questions asked that you know the answer to. We did finish up the photo shoot for the magazine today, so I hope it will be out shortly. When it does come out, I'm sure you can find a link here.

Let the cross promotion begin!!!

Today we've undertaken the daunting task of cross promoting Kinagree-Smith/Zorch and Lexie. Hey what is the point of being the first internet super group if you don't cross promote it. And if somebody is getting all frothy about me referring to Kinagree-Smith as a super group, take your medication and sit down for a moment. It's called “Hyperbole” and people with healthy self-esteem often use it to suggest something that may or may not be true.

The team is growing.

We got a prospective Public relations and Record Producer interested in working with us. This is a very good thing indeed, because while it's cool to “Do it yourself”, it's not always best. Speaking of not doing it yourself, a new Kinagree-Smith web site is in the works, and this time, I'm not the designer. The person offering their assistance is an art director for a major corporation and a web wizard.

I must admit, I'm talking about all this good stuff because I find people offering to help us very affirming. They are NOT asking for money and offering their help because they appreciate what we do.
While we have proven in the past we can get it done when nobody is helping us, I'm sure things will be better attended by more competent people. Finally, we get to be songwriters and musicians, and not Managers, PR people, producer, and web designers.

After our little set back, this is a real boon to us, and I feel our hard work is starting to pay off in the most valuable commodity. Support.

I would also like to take a moment to thank the people that follow the blog. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Things look good, stuff is moving forward, and I suggest you expect great things.

Ack, One more thing.

I talked to Fox at Indie Spectrum Radio the other day and asked him if I had the most songs posted in the ISR catalog. He said there was one guy with more songs posted, so I've added the songs from "Me and My Monkey" and "Emotion and Reason" to the ISR play list. I don't know if I am #1, but at this point the full Zorch Recorded music cataglog is available there. Drop by
and Request your favorite Zorch Boomhauer song.

Wow, so busy I can't keep up with it all.

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