Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Macungie and back..... plus over 8,000 fans in one day

This so far has been a red letter week for the wonderful whacky world of Kinagree-Smith. Lexie and I played our first live show as Kinagree-Smith in beautiful but cold Macungie Pennsylvania.

How did it go? Well frankly way better then it should have. While we are not a household word in the Philly area as of yet. We do know a few people around here that might like to attend one of our shows. Out in Macungie... where the hell is Macungie anyway? I've been there and I still don't know. I understand it's part of the Pocono's mountains, but beyond that I'm rather clueless.

While we came in without a fan base to draw from, we left with a few new supporters in tow. Much thanks to Steven and Mary for having us out at “The Longswamp Tavern” in Picturesque Macungie.

In other news, today our Reverb Nation page went from 18 fans, to well over 8,000.

How did we do it?

Well I use to be a lot more famous then I am now, and I synced the Kinagree-Smith Reverb Nation page with my old MySpace music page. So now we “seem to be” a lot more popular then we actually are. Now some might call this cheating, but that is only because they didn't think of it first, and more to the point, those 8,000+ people actually our fans of at least my music. They might want to know about the coming and goings with my current musical project.

Of course there is so much going on it's hard to fit it all in one blog, so I'm going to save some for tomorrow.

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  1. Your secret is safe with me :-) Rock On Lexie and Zorch!