Thursday, February 17, 2011

History in the making

This upcoming Saturday is the first official live show of “Kinagree- Smith”. While we have played live together before, this is the first booking as a duo named “Kinagree-Smith”. How cool is that?

Lexie asked me if I was a bit nervous about the show and I told her, “I'm more apprehensive about getting to the show then playing it”, and as odd as it might sound that is the troof. The Longswamp Tavern is not around the corner, it's a bit of a drive.

In other news, yesterday, Lexie and I played our first show from the REALLY BIG HOUSE location. We had our Internet hooked up (after much gnashing of teeth) and logged on in time for our Surfside Hideaway show. Of course, the good folks at Surfside Hideaway didn't know we would be there, so they didn't list the show, because they didn't know we would be able to play it. Of course, we didn't know we could play it until about a half hour before show time, so everybody was surprised.

It was great to be back, and while we did have a small impediment to work around, it was still a great show. Thanks to everybody that showed up on short notice.

Stuff is happening and I hope you log on to ye olde blog to keep up with history in the making.

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