Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I live in a really big house

It's been a while since I've updated the blog and I'm sure people are imagining all sorts of things. In a information vacuum that seems to happen. But don't panic, we didn't die, quit or find Jesus. We just had a situation that required a solution and sometimes solutions are slow in arriving.

Long story short, the location we were playing from was usurped from us. Seems the guy we were sharing it with decided he didn't want to share any longer. Keep in mind we were paying half the rent, but he was being a Dick.

Then we tried to play shows from the room I rent, but my roommate didn't appreciate the free entertainment, and he was being a Dick too.

Then we played some shows from Lexie's Mom's Kitchen. That was a short term solution, but kitchens are used primarily for preparing food, and having musicians, instruments and computers in ones kitchen can prove to be disruptive to the day to day operation of family life.

We looked for a new home for our show... and looked and looked and looked some more. Then just as it seemed we would be looking again tomorrow, Lexie caught up with and old friend of her's and told her about our situation.

It seems this fellow is working with a guy that is building a rehearsal studio in Philly, and he just may have a space for us. Fingers crossed we went out to have a look at this place.


This is NOT just a rehearsal space, but will become a rehearsal, recording studio, and performance venue in the future. It could well become the new Epicenter of Musical coming and goings in Philadelphia. There really isn't a facility like this in the area at the moment, and it seems like a no brainer.

We are getting in on the ground floor. The building is a HUGE old warehouse in one of the cities more colorful areas. And currently there are a row of rehearsal rooms and that is pretty much it. There is a stage in the performance area and a roughed in control room for the recording studio. But that is all. There isn't even heating at this point. We did invest in a oil filled heater that seems to keep the room quite cozy. In case you are wondering, there is one working bathroom.

Here is a bonus, we didn't have to cart any furniture over to the space. No, it's not a furnished room, but the guy that is building it had a bunch of brand new furniture stored there, and it seemed the guy that owned that brand new furniture wasn't going to pick it up, so we were instructed to take anything we wanted to use. Looks nice and homey in there now.

We don't have an internet connection yet, but we should have it Wednesday. We are scheduled for service that day and barring any weirdness we should be playing shows that evening.

If this were the only news I had to share, things would be going well, But there is more.

Next Saturday (February 19th) is the first official Live performance of Kinagree-Smith. We are playing the Longswamp Tavern in picturesque Macungie PA. If you are in the area make plans to drop in.

We've also have found a drummer/producer that is interested in working with us. His drumming is world class and he's also pretty good with hand percussion as well. He's also interested in recording us. In the past I've not been too keen on the idea of letting someone PRODUCE me, but I've had a listen to this guys stuff and it seems like it might prove fruitful. His stuff sounds amazing.

Engineering wise, he's quite an audiophile type. I've never been much of an engineer, so this could be a new beginning. We are meeting tonight to have a Jam/Skull session.

Now you may be wondering what happened to the “2 BIG 4 THE INTERNET” tour. It is going to happen. But we are basically starting over so it's going to be... when we are ready. We plan to be as successful as possible with this venture, and not in a rush to go off half cocked.

Simply stated, if we do it right we get to do it again. If we do it wrong... well, we'll probably do it again, but it would be better to do it right the first time. Success or Failure is not the boss of us.

Stuff is happening. Soon we'll be back on the grid playing shows, and grinding some pavement playing live. Who knows what kind of situations we'll find ourselves in. Check the blog to find out what's shaking because things are about to get wobbly.

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