Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Wacky Weekend edition

I remember a while back thinking I would take a break on the weekends. But I think at this point I'm addicted to blogging. Or maybe, I'm ambitious.

You know, it's said I am a tireless self promoter.

Still #25

Yeah, while we did have significant activity yesterday (Band Equity went up 11 points which is the second largest jump in the history of our stats), We didn't move a bit in the Philadelphia Folk artist charts. We did go up 59 spots Nationally, and 99 spots in the Global rankings, but I did mention the Philadelphia Folk charts were competitive.

You know the other day two different people who's opinion I respect suggested I might be a bit obsessed with this charts thing.

Well... maybe I am.

But somebody has to be #1 on the charts, and while I wish no harm to the current holder of this position, I have to say... whom ever it is... your going down.

Stop laughing... it could happen.

Lend me your ears

Simply stated Kinagree-Smith needs your ears. We need them on the web giving our songs posted at Reverb Nation a listen.

We have a lot of plays and not a lot of people listening. This puts the metric out of whack. It looks like a few people are listing over and over again. And while that is not a bad thing, it's not as good as a lot of people listening once or twice.

You don't have to listen to every song on the play list, that will just push the plays/listener ratio further out of whack. Just pick one song and give it a listen.

Little actions have great effect, and I dream on getting to #20 by Monday.

Hey here is the link, please if you have a moment, help an obsessive old bastard to have his moment of glory. give a listen.

It's up and ready to Launch

March 16th is my third rez day and to celebrate, I'm releasing “Zorch:Outside the box”, which is the entire recorded output from my prolific career on Second Life.

It consist of 12 collections of MP3s.

A grand total of 117 individual recordings

488 Meg download

But wait there is more. A download card for two additional collections, Zorch with Dangerous Fun:Love songs, Hate songs, In between, and the Disposable Art Project Retrospect.

And the price?

Well it would be a bargain at one bazillion dollars, but I'll sell it for less.

What do you think the price should be??? Comments below.

Just a reminder, we still need your stories

I don't know if you caught yesterdays blog, but I'm looking for web cam/video cam footage of your story with Kinagree-Smith or Lexie/Zorch. If you can't give us a story, just give us a shout out on video. Thanks for your support.

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