Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Post from Lexie

Ive decided to give Jack the night off from blogging although for some reason I am sure he will add some kind of foot note as he is will definitely have something to add. Its just the way he rolls. But tonight, I would like to tell you about the newest projects that we are forging forward with

We had a team meeting this afternoon with the developers of the Kinagree Smith website, who also happen to be our managers desi and sally. Boy did we luck out… not only are they organizing everything on SL but their creative efforts and talents are creating the most banging web site ! Soon you will able to listen to our live internet performances directly from the new website every time there is a live show. Also, if you join the website by mobile phone or email, you will automatically get a text updating you about current information up and coming events and hopefully you will also know when we are about to start a show and if your not in world you can listen to us online from our site.

Next, we had this little dilemma as to product. What that means is , though jack and I have both recorded much music, ( me not as much as Jack but seriously I don’t personally know anyone that has released as much music as he has) we still don’t have a kinagree smith release so…. Tonight we began. After serious song choosing over the last week , we decided to put together a six song ep first as our mega cd will take much longer to produce. We pondered over which songs to release on this Cd and decided on these….
Mo annam kara
Letting go
So into you
Find love
Stay in the moment
Sweet taste of home

Now three of these songs have been released in previous cds and mp3 collection but there are also three songs which are brand spanking new and though we have performed two of them , we have yet to record them. Trust, Stay in the moment and Find Love (which some of you know as Ocar) are being recorded for this collection. It will be a full band with the help of Vallery Barbin from Atlanta Ga , on bass and Chris Gately from Philadelphia, pa on drums.

Now while we were recording tonight Jack decided he would whip out his video cam and record me recording. It was 4 am and need I say any trace of make up had vanished by then and being videod while recording adds absolutely no pressure…. NOT !!!! A Boy and his toy…. It’s a dangerous combo.We finished the take and decided to go on a tour ghost hunt for Elvis. This is part of the reason as to why I am blogging tonight , cause Jacj is in complete edit mode. I don’t know if this is going to make it on youtube by tomorrow but you can be sure it will be up way sooner than later.

Tomorrow is a working day on second life for Kinagree Smith , so if your going to be on line , please check out the event listings.
As always, thanks so much, each and everyone of you for you amazing continued support. You have no idea how much it means to us both, its truly motivating and we love each and everyone one of you.

Pink kisses ….Lex

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