Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yes it is November but things are heating up

The in-world “Band camp” tour is taking the grid by storm. It's a very small storm, but you'll get wet if you don't look out. Lexie is sitting in on the end of my shows, and I'm sitting in on the end of her's and when we play back to back, it's a two hour fun filled hoot.

Is the Mojo rising? I answer in the perditionary affirmative, or HELL YES!!!

As good as that may be, and trust me it's a “very good thing ™ ”, we've contacted two Second Life music icons about being guest artist on the tour and we've got two great musicians. Noma Falta (Atalanta GA) and BlindBoink Parhem (Raleigh NC).

You know who Noma is right? If you don't, just send me your address and I'll be over shortly to smack you upside your head. She is one of the few women I know that is a bad ass humajuma. Noma don't sing, she sangs. She can play some blues and make you wish you were never born (the intended effect of the blues in case you didn't know), and then rock your freaking face off, and you'll be standing there, faceless but RAWKED, and thank her for it.

Thank you Noma, for rocking my face off.

BlindBoink is the blues guitar player all the rest of the “So-called” blues guys wish they were. He's got the talent and technique down solid, but it aint bout playing pretty. He's got the high and lonesome, then swoops down to the lowdown and dirty. He's a text book example of hemorrhaging abject misery though musical expression, and God help me I love it so.

While Lexie is being sociable and sweet, and filling the roster for the tour with Local talent, I'm grinding away getting the new web site for the tour looking all slick and professional. It's a long way from done/done, but so are plans for the tour. Don't worry, I'll keep at it and try to make it wicked cool.

On Friday the 19th of November we'll be playing a live show in Philadelphia, there are plans to stream the show in-word via video, so if you can't join us in Philly, hop on Second Life and enjoy the show vicariously. This is a benefit for Autism so there will be donation tip jars at the venue we stream into so please pack it full of Linden Dollars.

Of course if you happen to be in the Philadelphia Metro area and wish to enjoy the show in person, last time I checked there were 13 tickets left. So contact either Lexie Luan or Zorch Boomhauer in world.

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  1. Loving the blog and the two of you are awesome ,can't wait till you come up to the mountans. Love You Both