Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's not easy to talk like Zorch

Accent aside, Zorch has a colorful way of putting things. We had intended to make a 3 minute flash movie dramatizing the concept behind “2 Big 4 The Internet”, it was to feature a father telling his son, “Timbo” a story.

Lexie's nine year old son read Timbo's part got it done in about 30 minute.

We got internet personality Uncle Slappy from BOSL radio to do the Daddy part. Now Slappy is not just an Internet radio dude, but his real life job is traffic reporter for a major network affiliate. So he probably has been handed a script to read before. If any other writer had written this script, it would probably be a walk in the park.

But it's not easy to talk like Zorch does.

Slappy reading Zorch's script

You'll find the text Slappy is reading in the comments section


  1. The Text Slappy was reading (well trying to read).

    Daddy:Good boy, anyway... Just when it seemed life couldn't get any better, it all went to crap big time. The glorious sun of FREEDOM was blotted out by a hideous behemoth called (gasp) The Music industry. It towered over those born free and subjected them to horrors unspeakable. The beast was 800 cubits high and 1200 cubits wide. It's hide was a gelatinous slime that made the stench of death pail by comparison. It's soul purpose was to provide a simple bland musical diet that any ill begotten slugger-bed could take comfort in. It was exploitative, malevolent and ultimately EEEEEEVILLLLLLL.

    Feel free to make a recording of you reading it, and if you get it right you'll get..........
    The satisfaction of getting it right. Man, we need to get some better prizes.

    Send mp3 of your reading to

  2. This is a keeper. Everytime i hear its funny. Thats my story and im sticking to it.