Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Sometime there are EPIC stories to tell, and sometime you have a handful of facts to pass along. We all love the EPIC stories, and for the sake of the blog I wish more of them happened, but there are still lots of facts to share.

The reaction to “The Conversation” video has been touching. I want to take a moment to thank all the people that have contacted me via Blog comments,IMs and Facebook.

We should soon have our collective grubby little hands on the video footage from the Orin Ben charity event. So expect to have a multi-camera video as part of the “Band Camp” collection. Of course there will be segments posted on You Tube.

On Monday the 22nd, Lexie and I played a show for FCMC radio, and you can expect the full show in the “Band camp” collection. While the attendance was spotty, the performance was quite impressive. Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you get it right when you are playing a radio show. This was very, very right.

I've been contacted by a DJ, about doing a electro dance mix of my mega hit, “Da Troof”. I did provide both permission and an MP3, and I'm quite curious to see what comes of this. I feel I should share, the guy asked Lexie if he could remix my song. Why do people seem to hesitant to talk to me? I don't bite.... Unless you look particularly yummy.

Mark this on your calendar. Monday November 29th at 5 PM SLT, Lexie and I will be playing a duo show at Gwampa's Dance camp. This is notable because we will be sending a video feed from the studio. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be at Band Camp, come on over and live vicariously via web cam feed. You can catch the feed live in Second Life via the 2. whatever viewer, but since hardly anybody uses that, you can also log on to the web page featuring the video feed.

I'm sure I'm probably forgetting something, but check by daily to stay in “Da Loop”. You can even become a follower of this blog and be the first on your block to savor the sticky sweet goodness of what is going on when you are.... (drum roll)...... 2 Big 4 The Internet.


  1. Umm you might mean December there not November.: ) Jus sayin!
    I totally love the two of you together what energy...I think Band Camp Rocks!!! Have fun you two and I will be seeing you soon!!!
    Love Ya

  2. Gack, good catch. The date is November 29th. I put the 11th in by mistake. Of course I do this to see is people are paying attention