Thursday, November 25, 2010

Band Camp Thanksgiving

What am I thankful for.... that is the question that is passed around the table at my house before anyone is allowed to eat one bite. We starve all day waiting for dinner to be served and then we must endure the torture of being creative and thankful before we can eat.

22 people at my dinner table tonight and everyone had to pause and think about what they were thankful for.... as it got closer to the last 10, people were prepared and way less creative.... it was more like, I'm thankful for my family and this wonderful dinner.... what was I thankful for....all the obvious things but mostly thankful for the fact that dinner is over....dishes are done and I don't have to do this again until.....the next big dinner....

OK back to band camp.... coming up in the very near future , this Sunday actually is Pol Aridas covered event.

Covering a Pol Arida song is serious stuff... for oh so many reasons... (let me list them)

Firstly... he is a brilliant song writer and though he makes his songs sound effortless to play, it couldn't be further from the truth.... his songs are hard to do well, unless you're Pol Arida.

Secondly, to cover someone elses song and make it your own without taking too much away from the song and without trying to just seem clever.... takes serious thought, many attempts and digging deep.

Third of all, I have a great respect for pol and his talent, and I really really want him to like it. Its not that I'm trying to impress him, its just I want him to hear it and say, wow cool, I like that, nice spin.

I was covered the first month of this event, and I can tell you sitting back and listening to other songwriters interpretations of my songs left me with my jaw dropped saying wow....

Pols event begins Sunday Nov 28th at 11 am SLT and the line up of talent is amazing.

Hope to see you all there and once again.....Happy Thanksgiving from Band Camp


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